Do you need to switch to a new DTH provider?


If you are mulling over your decision on whether to stick to your current provider or go to another one, we present reasons to point you in the right direction.

One of the smartest decisions of your life was to make the switch from cable TV to DTH. You were so tired of poor picture and sound quality from your cable provider, not to mention sudden outages and your favourite channels mysteriously going blank, that it was not worth the effort to watch TV at all. More to the point, the cable TV provider gave you a monthly pack instead of letting you choose which channels you most wanted to watch. So you paid for a bunch of channels that you did not view at all!

A DTH connection, on the other hand, gave you the freedom to choose what you wanted to watch and pay only for those channels. But in view of the poor quality of services that your current DTH provider is giving you, you are considering switching yet again – to another provider.

A reason to change your DTH connection: We give you many!

Usually, nobody wishes to change their DTH provider unless there are mitigating circumstances. Your main reason for taking a DTH connection is to get a wide range of channels that you prefer to watch. You want a mix of HD and SD channel programmes at a reasonable monthly cost to you. At the same time, you want the provider to be attentive to your queries and to solve any programming and transmission issues in the quickest possible time.

If your current provider does not fulfil the above conditions, then it is time to scout for a new DTH provider who does. Switch to Airtel DTH for the best TV viewing experience. If you need a few good reasons to make the switch, consider these:

  • You get the highest numbers of SD and HD channels with an Airtel DTH connection, and the most numbers of packages. You can choose between monthly and yearly packages.
  • You can buy the new DTH connection easily online on the Airtel website or myAirtel app.
  • Airtel offers some of the best pack pricing across all providers in India today. The packs are not just reasonably priced, they also offer customisation and wide variety across genres.
  • Airtel DTH has excellent transmission, even in bad weather when the dish is likely to shift and disrupt programming. You are assured of the best in terms of sound and picture quality at all times. They provide an HD-compatible set top box during installation.
  • Another benefit is that Airtel offers one remote control that works for both your TV set and the set top box. So, you don’t need separate remote controls and the accompanying hassles of handling both.
  • The installation is done within 24 hours of logging in your request for a new DTH connection. The process is simple and hassle-free.
  • Recharge the account online via the Airtel website or myAirtel app.

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