Dogs need regular exercise, no matter what their breed, age, or size is. It helps them become physically healthier and have fun. Regular dog exercises do not only benefit your dog, but it can benefit you, too, since you will be engaging in the activity as well.

However, for these exercises, you will need the appropriate gear for your dog. If you have been planning to do regular exercises with your dog for quite some time now, you have come to the right place. Below are some of the best dog activities and must-have dog gear.

What is the Significance of Dog Activities?

According to an article by SPCA Florida, dogs that are not given a chance to engage in activities may develop behavioral problems. Dogs who don’t have regular activities may develop negative habits such as digging, scratching surfaces, and jumping randomly— so doing dog activities prevent these destructive habits from forming.

What are the Best Dog Activities?

A great way to maximize the benefits of dog activities is to tailor the exercises to your dog’s lifestyle and capabilities. The following are examples of some of the best activities you can enjoy with your dog.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are the most common activities that you can engage with your dog and can be done almost everywhere. You can either walk your dog at the park or run with them on the beach. However, if you want something more challenging, you could go on a trek or hiking trip with your dog.

If you wish to walk your dog, you will need a dog collar and an adjustable dog leash. If you prefer running, a hands-free trekking belt would be your best option.


According to an article by True Instinct, canicross is a type of fitness training for dogs and also a sport of cross country running. It was initially developed to keep sled dogs in shape during summer months when there is no snow. Nowadays, canicross is done even by amateurs to build trust between owners and dogs.

One of the most critical dog gears for this activity is a canicross belt. This type of belt is perfect for long-distance running because it does not impede movements during the exercise.


If you are a fan of bikes and a cyclist, then bikejoring could be a good activity for both you and your dog. Bikejoring is an outdoor exercise wherein the owner rides a bike, and a leash is attached to the dog. This activity is best done with dogs that have the appropriate size.

Bikejoring requires a pulling effort from the dog, which is why you must use an adjustable racing harness to provide support and comfort to your pet during the activity. Another essential gear for this activity is a shock-absorbing dog leash, to protect your pet from shocks brought about by variations in speed.


If you prefer doing activities during winter, then skijoring could be an excellent dog activity you can engage in. You can ride skis and be pulled by your dog. However, you must use the appropriate gear for safety and security purposes.

When skijoring, it is of the utmost importance that you use a sled-dog harness for your pet to provide absolute comfort and support. A sled-dog harness distributes pressure evenly on the entire body.

Doing exercises and activities with your dog will help in strengthening physical attributes and improve well-being. But the most crucial benefit of dog activities is spending quality time with your pet and enhancing your bond with each other. Check out some gear for your dog today and start experiencing the benefits of dog activities.