A professional body massage makes your whole body relaxed. You will feel very nice after having a Full body massage in Delhi  . A good body massage may also help to ease you from muscular pain. For booking a body massage session, you must keep in mind some important points.

Do’s when booking a body massage session in delhi :

  • Do communicate: You should never be afraid to speak about things like heat, music, techniques, etc. You should always let the massage therapist know if you feel the pain.
  • Do use proper terminology: You should always use proper terminologies like massage therapist instead of masseuse, table instead of bed, spa instead of massage parlour, etc.
  • Do turn off your cell phone: You should just turn off your cell phone while having massage so that you and the massage therapist do not get disturbed in between.
  • Do have good hygiene: You should be relatively clean while you show up to your massage. You should have clean nails, feet, hair and skin as someone else will touch you.
  • Do stay at home if you are sick: If you are sick and get a massage, then you can feel worse.

Don’ts when booking a body massage session:

  • Don’t show up too early or too late: You should always arrive fifteen minutes early for the intake and paperwork. You should never be late as your time of massage will be shortened because of next client.
  • Don’t smoke before the appointment: You should always refrain from smoking before your massage so as to protect the health and well being of your message therapist and other clients.
  • Don’t be a helper: You should try to relax your body while on the massage table. Never try to help your massage therapist.
  • Don’t use artificial fragrances: You should never use perfumes or after shave. Instead you can wear creams, lotions, sprays which are unscented.
  • Don’t even joke about sex: It will be very offensive if you joke about sex. This can also make your massage therapist feel uneasy. You should never come out from the sheet.

Summary: Always communicate, have good hygiene, use proper terminology and turn off your cell phone and never use artificial fragrance, never smoke and never be too early and too late while you book a body massage session.