Driving License in Dubai: Comprehensive Guide


The UAE has a well-organized transportation infrastructure that is open to people of all socioeconomic classes. A validated approval that entitles you to operate any type of vehicle throughout the Emirates is the UAE driving license. A valid driving license is required in the UAE if you have a resident visa.

The Road and Transport Authority, also known as the RTA, is the regulatory organization in charge of overseeing the UAE transportation system, including licensing. This includes the metro system and covers every facet of the transportation system in the UAE. As a result, this article will guide you through each step of getting yourself a new UAE driving license as well as provide some crucial extra details.

List of categories for UAE driving license:

There are various UAE driving license categories, just like there are various road transportation system types. This indicates that each type of vehicle requires a unique licensing process as well as a unique educational approach.

The list of the UAE’s eight driving categories is below:


  • Category 1: For Vehicles such as Motorcycles
  • Category 2: For Vehicles such as Cars
  • Category 3: For Vehicles such as Light Vehicles
  • Category 4: For Vehicles such as Heavy Trucks
  • Category 5: For Vehicles such as Mini Buses
  • Category 6: For Vehicles such as Heavy Buses
  • Category 7: For Vehicles such as Forklifts
  • Category 8: For Vehicles such as Shovels

So for example, if an individual wish to apply for a driving license for heavy trucks, he should apply for uae driving license category 4.

How to change your existing driving license to a Dubai driver’s license:


If you wish to convert your foreign driver’s license into a Dubai driver’s license, you must meet the minimum conditions. You must first determine whether the country from which your license originates qualifies for conversion. You can view the most recently updated list of nations.

Simply do the following actions if you are qualified for license conversion:


  • Have an eye exam in a facility that has RTA approval.
  • If your driver’s license was not issued in English, have it legally translated 
  • Drop by an RTA service center
  • Submit the necessary paperwork: eye exam, original and copy of a license, Passport, residence visa, Emirates ID
  • This needs to be accompanied by a payment of 870 AED in fees to obtain a UAE driver’s license.

How to obtain a new driving license in UAE?

To obtain a UAE driver’s license, the following applicant groups must enroll in a UAE driving school, complete classes, and pass exams:

  1. People with legitimate licenses from their home countries whose licenses cannot be converted.
  2. People who wish to drive in the UAE but have never received a license. 

Be aware that certain country-specific licenses will be withdrawn, and a UAE license will be issued in their place. The actions to get a new driving license in Dubai are listed below:


  1. Enroll in a driving course at a recognized driving school in the Emirate where you live.
  2. Visit any RTA-approved medical facility for an eyesight and fitness test.
  3. Pass the theory test and classes.
  4. Commence driving lessons. The school will determine the number of classes based on your prior driving experience.
  5. You can take the yards exam and road test once all classes have been completed.
  6. Obtain your Dubai driver’s license after passing the exams.

The Province in the Emirates where your visa was obtained is where you must obtain your license. Be aware that the requirements for classes and the amount of practice time needed before the test vary widely amongst the different Emirates.


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