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Dropcloth Tips For The Floor


When you’re painting in your home, a dropcloth is an option to consider so that you don’t damage your floors or furniture. There are a few tips that you can keep in mind when using dropcloths that you get from Trimaco or other companies so that you get the most benefit from them in each room of your house.

Even though there are several types of cloths that you can purchase, such as canvas or paper, you should get something that is in your budget and that is easiest to work with in your home. Keep in mind that cloths that are less expensive likely won’t last as long as those that are thicker and cost a little more money. However, if you’re only planning to use the cloth for one project, then a paper or plastic one is usually fine.

When you begin painting, you need to put the cloth on the floor first, securing it with tape so that it doesn’t move. You should also secure the cloth to your furniture so that it doesn’t shift around, preventing paint from getting on the material. Wear the proper attire while painting, such as goggles and a paint mask. These items will help to keep out paint fumes so that you remain safe while painting.

Canvas is usually the best type of cloth to use if you have hardwood in your home or you have older furnishings that you can’t replace. Clean the floor before putting the cloth down so that the material doesn’t get torn. Avoid cutting the cloth that you use as this can cause it to rip. You can fold it to the size that is needed for the room. You want to get a cloth that is a bit larger than what you need so that you do have more material instead of finding that you don’t have enough for the room.

Some dropcloth materials can become slippery if you get paint on them. Plastic is among the types that can get very slippery if you aren’t careful while you’re walking on the floor. If you plan on using the cloth more than one time, get a material that you can wash. Canvas or plastic are the best options as you can wipe them down with soap and water, letting them air dry so that they can be used again in the future. For added protection, put newspapers or blankets under the cloth.

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