How Dust Extraction Systems Help Your Business to Meet Health & Safety Regulations


Dust extraction systems are designed to help remove dust particles from your working environment. Many people believe that their sole benefit is to provide a cleaner workspace. While it’s undeniable that dust extraction systems do this, there are still many other ways it can help your business.

Most notably, these systems can ensure your business meets health & safety regulations. As an employer, you have certain responsibilities and need to provide a safe working environment for all of your workers. Here are a few of the ways that dust extraction systems can help you abide by the regulations:

Lower Health Risks In The Workplace

A key element of health & safety regulations is to ensure your employees aren’t subjected to anything that causes them harm. In an industrial environment, there are many risks present to your workers – one of which is dust. Dust particles and other airborne particles can create health risks for employees as it makes the air harder to breathe. Any employees that have asthma are in potentially grave danger when they work in a dust-heavy environment. Our dust extraction systems can suppress the level of dust in the air, improving its quality and making it more breathable.

Reduce The Chance Of Injuries At Work

It may not seem like it, but airborne particles can cause many injuries in a busy work environment. By settling on the floor, these particles can make the ground slippery, leading to slip & fall accidents. Along with this, dust particles can clog up machinery, causing problems that may result in injuries as someone tries to unclog a heavy machine. What’s more, having a high amount of dust in the air means it can settle on eyewear, disrupting the vision of employees, and increasing their chances of getting into an accident. With the proper system installed, you can reduce the chance of multiple injuries, all by managing the dust levels on your premises.

Prevent Dust Explosions

A dust explosion can easily happen if you aren’t monitoring your environment properly. They tend to be brought about by various substances that react with the air and cause an explosion. Flour is a very common substance that’s found in many industrial settings and can create an explosive risk. With an industrial dust extraction system, you can collect any dust given off by various substances, preventing explosions from happening.

All in all, it’s evident that one of these systems will benefit your business on a large scale. When you look through the health & safety regulations set out by the government, the key point is providing a safe place to work. You can’t let your employees work in a place where their health is at risk.

Without a dust extraction system, you could end up with a workplace that’s full of harmful dust particles that can create health issues. Along with this, the particles can cause accidents, which lead to serious injuries.

Dust extraction is simply the easiest way of getting rid of dust in your work environment and making it safer and better for your employees. Now, you won’t have to worry about health & safety inspections, as your workplace will pass with flying colours.

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