IRS form 2290 is filed for paying tax of heavy vehicles. You can file2290 form in two ways- paper filing and online filing. Online filing is easy and safe. If you file a 2290 form online, you can do it in just a few minutes. But if you file it with a paper filing method, it takes too much time.

When you are filing for form 2290 online, you have to fill in the details asked in the form to fill. You have to pay your 2290 tax every year. Because the IRS SCHEDULE COPY 1’s validity is just for one year, for example, if you submitted your 2290 online in July 2019, you can drive your vehicle till 30th June 2021. But if the date of your file for the IRS schedule online is finished, you have to resubmit it again.

Form 2290 is filed for heavy vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more. It has different criteria for different vehicles and according to their usage. The vehicle used on highways their mileage is fixed with 5000 miles, other vehicles used in the field their mileage is fixed with 7500 miles or less, have to pay tax according to 2290 instruction. The heavy vehicle that weighs gross over 55000 pounds or more has to file 2290 form.

Always stay updated with your vehicle’s information, so you don’t face any problems while driving your vehicle. That’s why if your vehicle’s E-file 2290 date is expired, re-file it now. Otherwise, you have to pay a penalty, which is 4.5%.

When you complete your filing the form, you get the IRS schedule 1 copy. Therefore, always keep one copy with you.

You can file form 2290 online with trusted e-filing service providers. It is easier to pay your HVUT tax and file your form online. It has many benefits to file online. For example, you always stay updated with your vehicle’s information.

If you started new vehicle driving, it depends on the first month’s vehicle usage. For example, if you start to drive your vehicle on 20th June, your Pay 2290 online due date will be 22nd July. So file it now, because it is very important for your vehicle. And remember, pay it with the authorized agency or authorized website.

The vehicle or truck you are driving and its gross weight are fixed in the IRS form. And now the weight of your vehicle is more than the gross weight; you have to re-file for IRS form 2290 because the tax is increased according to the vehicle’s weight. In such a way, you have to file new Form 2290. 

Before the date is due of your last from 2290, which you filled in 2019, for 2020-2021, re-file it with the trusted authorized organization for the new form 2290 online and get your IRS schedule 1 copy.

It is easy to pay your HVUT tax online by filing for form 2290. However, always read the 2290 instructions carefully before filing the form.