In recent years, Shanghai has pretty much developed in to a hub for many types of businesses. This beautiful city provides a lot of employment opportunities. One such booming industry seems to that of the wine industry. After a hard day’s work people tend to unwind in different ways. But one favorite way seems to be with a glass of wine. The concept of home delivery has made things extremely easy for customers. One does not have to visit a wine shop to get a bottle of wine. Add to it the benefit of having all types of wines from across the world. People do like to taste the best from around the world and getting it home delivered is an added advantage.

  • They offer many types of products – A brick and mortar wine shop may not have as many varieties of international wine as are kept by the home delivery and online businesses. They offer the most exotic types of wine from the best vineyards in the business. A person can buy wine in Shanghai and easily expect to get all of the best varieties that are available worldwide. In fact, one can even request for a certain kind of wine if it is not currently available.
  • Offers and discounts may be available – The wine home delivery businesses of Shanghai offer much deals and discounts at regular intervals to keep their customers interested in their products. On specific events and occasions, a customer can expect to get rebates and discounts on their favorite brands. Also, for bulk orders, these businesses generally offer good discounts to customers. Most stores also have membership plans. If you are a regular customer you could get vouchers and attractive discounts. Some also have reward points; which basically means that you earn points on each purchase. These points once accumulated can be used within a certain period.
  • The service is upto the mark – Orders can be easily booked over the phone or online. They have excellent internet presence and most of the stores can make a delivery within an hour. The customer representatives attending the calls are also very cordial and helpful. Theycan also offer guidance and advice if a customer needs it. If you are a new customer and need little help with your first order, the customer service team would gladly help you through. Even suggestions or expert advice about different kinds of wine can be expected from them.
  • New varieties are added regularly – The Chinese wine delivery businesses are quite customer-centric. They value their association with their clients and try getting their feedback. Depending on the trends and customer likes, these stores keep updating their stock.

The wine business in Shanghai has seen a paradigm shift in the recent years. Since people have the choice of getting international labels sitting at home, they prefer this mode rather than physically go to a shop. These stores also bring in more variety and this makes the choice more interesting.