Easy Improvements That Can Help Inexperienced Business Owners Manage Stress


For the most part, effort usually translates into success. It is the reason why so many young business owners tend to spend every waking moment slaving over their business and ensuring that they have a say in every single aspect of running their company. Unfortunately, during the early stages of a business, it often needs plenty of focus and attention – which can come at the expense of the business owner’s health.

While it is understandable to think that you might need to sacrifice time, effort and money to guarantee the success of your business, it is no longer a good idea when it comes at the expense of your health. Here are a few easy improvements that can help inexperienced business owners manage stress – while at the same time ensuring the success of the company.

Business owners fail to realize that great health helps in boosting productivity and improving focus. It also eliminates work loss because of falling sick or contracting an infection. In 2019, most business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from ‘Burnouts’. The World Health Organization has considered and incorporated burnouts into its section on illnesses.

While some of these health hazards can be because of unavoidable infections, others can be because of simple lifestyle errors. When business owners start concentrating too much on new businesses, they develop several unhealthy habits. They also tend to ignore healthy activities and ways of living that they were previously doing.

In this article, we look at how health is a great precursor to success. We also discuss why business owners need to look after their health, not just for themselves and their businesses, but also from the vantage point of their employees and their livelihood.

A fresh perspective often breeds the greatest ideas

While spending every waking moment ensures that you have a chance to help your business with every opportunity, there are times when it helps to simply take a break and delegate the responsibilities to the rest of your team. By taking even one or two days off to let the stress melt away, you might be surprised at how many good ideas you will have for your business when you finally return for work.

As a rule of thumb, it would be a good idea to give yourself the same schedule as your employees. Having one or two days off in a week can go a long way to improving mental health, eliminating stress and providing a fresh perspective! It can also help in increasing the production of positive hormones and toxins in your body like Oxytocin. If you are a start-up owner, looking for fresh and innovative ideas, taking a break is good for not only yourself, but also your business.

Take advantage of business software as early as you can

Technology aims to make difficult or repetitive tasks easy, especially when you consider the potential of newer input capability such as voice technology for business. Contrary to popular belief, business software is not a luxury – it is a necessity, especially for companies that are struggling to stay afloat as a start-up. With the help of services such as and many others like it, you can eliminate the tedium and prioritise efficiency in your company without necessarily having to suffer through a great deal of stress to achieve it.

Business software enable a high level of automation. They help in converting time consuming manual tasks easy automation strategies. This helps in freeing up a lot of time for owners and employees. This time can be productively spend in doing something new. In other words, business software help you focus and divert your effort and energy into doing work that can help grow your business.

Trust the hard work of your employees by providing enough incentives

Nothing in a company can replace the hard work of an employee – not even the devotion of a business owner. If you want your business to stay afloat, you have to trust your employees to do a great job, and the best way to do that would be to incentivise hard work. Give your employees well-deserved recognition for a job well done, and you will be surprised at how hard they will be willing to work for you. It will also help you to worry less about taking a break!

Most businesses often keep employees overworked and underpaid. You must have heard the saying that ‘people do not leave jobs; they leave their bosses’! While some people do not believe in such a philosophy, successful companies invest heavily in their employees.

Boosting employee morale through breaks, benefits and incentives helps them remain obligated to the company they are working for. They tend to start seeing the management as their extended family. This is where companies can extract more from their employees while maintaining a humane approach. Satisfied employees boost productivity and bring about far greater efficiency in normal production.


You must have noticed how various companies go down under because of decision-making errors by the top management. What is not reported is the high amount of stress business owners go through routinely. They have to run operations, work with banks and investors, secure credit, look after their employees, plan the future course of growth, and ensure quality control over their products and services.

In short, business owners look after every aspect of their business. This task can get daunting and challenging at times, especially when a business is going through some challenges. By looking after their health, business owners can be in a far better position to deal with such issues and challenges.

Success for most companies involves overall efficiency and the hard work of its employees. By incentivising and rewarding good performance while at the same time taking advantage of business software, your company will have the best chance of succeeding without being a constant source of stress. A company, which is healthy in body and mind is the one which will be successful. Businesses and business owners tend to forget that working smart is as important as working hard.


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