How to Eat Healthy Meals at Restaurants


Eating healthy at restaurants is becoming a major concern among people and nutrition experts. Navigating through a restaurant menu can be challenging especially if you are trying to eat healthily. A lot of people who are watching their weight will avoid restaurants, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Most of the restaurants have now added healthier options to their menus which you can go for. Here are some tips to help you make dining out a healthier treat.

Ask for it Your Way

Eating out is no time to be a passive consumer. You need to be assertive and ask changes to the menu if you feel like what is being offered isn’t healthy. For instance, if your order contains a lot of fried items, request for them to be grilled. If your order comes with French fries, request the waiter to accompany it with some vegetables. Always ask for a smaller portion of the meat and a significant portion of the salad. Keep in mind that the food can still be prepared the way you want it.

Check Out the Restaurant Menu Ahead of Time

Are you eating out at a local restaurant? Make sure you check out the menu in advance to see if it offers healthy options. The good news is that a lot of restaurants have a digital version of their menus available online so you can easily check it out. You should also decide what you are going to eat ahead of time to avoid the unhealthy options when you reach the hotel.

Keep Your Phone Away

Are you surprised how this is related to healthy eating? Well, when you are constantly distracted while you are eating can lead to too much consumption which is unhealthy. Various reports including one that was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicate that when you are not paying attention to your meal at an Italian restaurant, you will fail to notice signs that show you are full.

Avoid the Liquid Calories

It’s not all about what you eat at the restaurant, what you drink also matters. Soft drinks, probiotic drink, juices, and alcoholic beverages are usually loaded with calories, yet they don’t make you full. Instead of going for these drinks, order for unsweetened ice tea or water to cut down on your calorie intake. If you can’t resist the urge to drink a glass of alcohol, make sure you add some soda water to it and drink plenty of water afterward.

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