Edgar Gonzalez, Anaheim explains how boxing saves lives


Edgar Gonzalez, Anaheim resident works in Anaheim Orange County, and is a supporter of the Who’s Next Boxing Academy. This is a boxing gym that encourages those who have dropped out of school, to turn to boxing instead of drug or gang crime or other illicit activities.

Many boxers speak of how getting into boxing turned their lives around and how without it they would be dead, a drug addict or be in prison. Luckily many youngsters do choose the boxing route and it seems to be one of the top ways of rescuing youths who have gone down the wrong path, as highlighted by gyms such as the Who’s Next Boxing Academy in Anaheim Orange County.

It is still a difficult life when you see others around you still following the dark paths to destruction, you will speak to them about how they too can be saved and encourage them to come along to the academy gym. However you can only help someone who has got to the point in their lives where they are ready to help themselves. There are luckily the others to inspire you, those who have managed to get on the right path either through other sports such as baseball or they have got into music or started their own businesses.

A lot of those that have been saved by boxing recognize that anyone can change their own destiny and turn their life around with the right motivation and inspiration, such as the Who Next Boxing Academy, supported by Edgar Gonzalez of Santa Ana.

Boxers and baseball players who have got out of their bad situations are often very vocal about what and especially who changed their lives. This is great publicity for academy’s such as the Who’s Next Boxing Academy. Another teenager who is struggling could be motivated by overhearing this; then another life is saved. Successful boxers believe in discipline, although they have different characters as recognised by Edgar of Santa Ana has seen; those who are full of their own self-praise and those who like to remain humble, both are able to succeed.

One think that Edgar does believe is that the boxers have a will and determination to succeed. They know what they have to gain by training hard, eating well and most importantly they know where they could end up if they do not stick in. The fear alone of having to return to the path they came from is motivation enough to keep on fighting,

Young men in these vulnerable lost positions often make great bonds with their coaches and staff members. They believe in each other and the boxers do not want to let their mentors or coaches down, Those who come from one parent families, where Dad has left may have been introduced to the first positive male role model of their lives and they do not want to disappoint or lose this bond with their mentor and coach.

They also have their peers and other boxers to impress, they want to prove to their critics that there is an alternative to gangs, gun crime and prison, they want to prove that there is a way out which can be lucrative and you could even become a celebrity.

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