Effective Exercises For Dumbbell Workout At Home


Training with dumbbells can have almost the same effect as going to the gym. Moreover, thanks to a pair of type-setting dumbbells, up to 80% of all exercises can be performed. In some cases, this will give even more benefits than working with a barbell. Nevertheless, many athletes incorrectly perceive home training with dumbbells, from which they do not get the desired result. In this article we will consider an effective training program at home with dumbbells for weight, as well as the main features and differences of such training.

Dumbbell chest workout: Basic mistakes and main rules

The biggest and most common mistake is the wrong attitude. Many people imagine home training in the form of lifting a dumbbell for biceps or some kind of swing, which is more like a workout or workout. Nevertheless, performing exercises with dumbbells at home with a solid weight, you will get a completely different effect. Muscles cannot fully understand where you are, in the gym or at home. They only respond to the intensity of the workout and the load that you provide for them. Therefore, with the right approach, training at home can be no worse than in the gym, and in some cases even better, therefore it is important to observe the main rules:

  • Training should last 30–45 minutes (not including warm-up);
  • Rest between sets should be 60–90 seconds;
  • The number of repetitions in the approach is 8–10;
  • You need to train with heavy weights, doing heavy reps.

The basic rules of training should be the same as when training for weight in the gym. This is the only way to make the muscles respond to the load and increase their volume and strength. Any attempt to do multiple exercises is unlikely to increase weight.

Best Exercises For Home Training: Tricep Dumbbell Exercises, Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises, Dumbbell Back Exercises

Regardless of the training program you choose, you should only do the most effective exercises. Usually, three schemes are used to gain muscle mass, each of which gives an excellent result (they can also be alternated every 4-6 weeks):

  • Training one muscle group every day (6 days of training and 1 day of rest). Each training session is most effective and lasts 18–20 minutes;
  • Split training 3 times a week;
  • Alternating top/bottom/whole body in one workout.

In the latter mode, the complex runs every day. For example, you can perform the upper body on Tuesday, complete leg training on Thursday and full-body workout on Saturday. This training option allows you to actively recover, avoid overtraining, and provide a serious load for the muscles. 

To choose the best exercises, it is better to arrange them in muscle groups. Many movements are complex and involve several muscle groups at once, because such exercises will be distributed according to the greatest effect on specific muscles.

  • Bent-over single-arm db row;
  • Tilt in tilt (analog of rod traction in tilt);
  • Deadlift.


  • Bench press with dumbbells (horizontal or inclined);
  • Dumbbell fly;
  • Pullover;
  • Dumbbell bench press with head down.


  • Squat
  • Deadlift (Romanian);
  • Lunges (alternate with reverse lunges);
  • Calf raise.


  • Standing biceps curl ;
  • Hammer;
  • French bench press;
  • Overhead dumbbell press.


  • Standing Dumbbell Press:
  • Bent-over db fly;
  • Swing to the sides/front raise
  • Upright row;
  • Shrugs.


It is important to consider that in this list only the most effective movements are taken into account. These exercises with dumbbells at home will give the maximum effect.

However, this does not mean that you need to limit your workout to this list. You can perform many exercises with the bodyweight both for warming up and in order to give your muscles some load. For example, push-ups from the floor will be incredibly effective exercises, which are extremely preferable to add to the training of the pectoral muscles.

Dumbbells Exercises For Advanced Athletes

There is a fairly large number of functional movements, which, in fact, are limited only by imagination and the level of physical fitness. For example, you can combine push-ups from the floor with dumbbells. This exercise did a great job for renowned actor Jason Momoa in preparing for the role of Aquaman in the Justice League film. It was also used by other stars, for example, Stephen Amell. Moreover, they use dumbbell sinking, which involves almost all the muscles of the body. In terms of effectiveness, this movement for gaining muscle mass will give odds to most barbell exercises. It is carried out as follows. Take dumbbells in hands and take an emphasis lying, as for push-ups. Lean on your socks, although if at first, the movement will be difficult, you can perform it from your knees. The body should form a straight line, as in the initial position for push-ups from the floor. The only difference is that the hands should not lie on the floor, but squeeze the arms of the dumbbell. Next, alternately raise each arm and try to pull it as high as possible to the chest. It is important to do the same number of repetitions on each arm. This exercise can be made even more functional by performing not just alternating hand lifts, but by making a penetration. To do this, simply move the dumbbell in turn forward as if crawling. This movement is often called the Lizard Walk, but performing it with dumbbells,You can also perform other functional movements for mass gain, which will be not only more interesting than monotonous work in the hall, but also more effective. These include:

  • Dumbbell push-ups with a close grip;
  • Jerk/push with a dumbbell;
  • Db fly;
  • Burpee with dumbbells;
  • Side to side broach.

In fact, a good training program with dumbbells can be more diverse than classes in the gym, and at the same time bring the same benefit. It is also worth considering that working with dumbbells, unlike a barbell with NPP from UK domestic seller, always involves more muscles, which means it will spend more calories. This will allow you to gain lean muscle mass and control the overall percentage of body fat. 

It is worth considering that only stacked shells are suitable for such training. The more weight, the better.

As a rule, a range of 6–20 kg will be sufficient for a start, although ideally, it is better to have at least one dumbbell up to 24 or 32 kg.



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