Engaging your visitors effectively with your Instagram influenced business website


One of the most essential things in the world of internet marketing today is the use of business websites. As a business owner, you must already know how important it is for you to have a solid presence on the internet for your business to flourish. A business website will help new visitors to learn about your brand, the products, and services you offer in a detailed manner. However, it is important to mention here that just having a good business website is not enough- one thing that is of prime importance in your business website is the graphic design of this website. In this article, you will learn how you can engage more visitors with your business website by using an Instagram based web design.

The importance of having a good web design

A good web design increases the functionality of your business website by a considerable margin. The main function of your business website is to draw more people to check your products out and then become paying customers to your business. This process becomes infinitely simpler and easier when you can make your visitors feel comfortable and be able to find whatever they are looking for easily. So, you have to make your website look attractive while at the same time easy to navigate and make a first-time visitor feel comfortable in browsing through the page. While different elements go on to make good web design, one of its most important features is the graphic design. The graphic design includes all the visual designing aspects of your website. Right from the colors chosen to the font used along with the photos uploaded, all contribute to making your site look more attractive.

The importance of the graphic design

As discussed before graphic designs combine all the visual aspects of your website’s design. This includes the photos, the backgrounds, the fonts and the wallpapers. You must choose colors for the background which are soothing to the eyes, with little contrast levels. This will make your web page look more alluring and will not make the viewer feel repulsed or give any feelings of aversion to him. There are lots of websites, which we do not like visiting, not because of their content but simply because of their graphic designs, the colors used and the photos uploaded in these sites repel us subconsciously. There are colors like, for instance, yellow and orange, which will not look too good as background colors. However, a color like a sky blue, grey, white and even black will make wonderful background color design for your website. So, you must choose a background color which looks appealing. Along with the background picture, you can also add a background picture which will contrast with the background color but this photo has to be relevant to the products which your website is selling. For instance, if you are selling pet products, then you can upload pictures of some common pets in contrasting colors and along with this add a background color in grey or ash. This will look amazing with a professional patented font. This is an ideal combination of graphic design.

Combining Instagram with this graphic design

The central reason why Instagram is so popular is that it has a simplistic and minimalistic design. This includes its unique photo liking feature, and its streamlined photo streaming feature where only the topmost photos will be featured in the feeds of followers. Followers would not have to check the individual brand pages; their products will automatically feature in the feeds of the users. Instagram is one of the world’s foremost marketing platforms on social media; the fact that it has close to half a billion users world over with an average monthly active user base of around 40 million people is a testament to this fact. Instagram has close to ten thousand comments and 1000s of likes every second. This shows how big of a marketing platform it is. A lot of small businesses have gone truly global with active marketing on Instagram.

Engaging more visitors on your website with an Instagram like graphic design

The central thing of influence on social media is the fact that social media makes people become engaged with the products and the brands on a more personal level. Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram make people want to comment and give their opinions about what they see; they are also allowed to share contents which they like. Incorporating Instagram’s designs in your graphic design will involve using Instagram like background colors, white in this case, with the textual content being written in black. All relevant hashtags and links will appear in blue. You can add a black border to the photos you put in your website’s pages. You can choose to make your website’s homepage look like Instagram in its design, or you can choose to make all the pages look like Instagram.

The reason why this will be beneficial is that it will make your website seem more familiar to your visitors. They will know intuitively as well as from experience where they need to go to find what they are looking for. This familiarity will make them not want to switch from your website to any other website. Also, you have to offer Instagram like options for writing comments on items and products featured on your page and then publish them. Give an option for “likes” also as it will show subsequent visitors how many people have liked your products before them. This will go on to make your website become truly engaging and will draw in more people.

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Wrapping up

Using a graphic design on your business website that is inspired by Instagram will be good for your business. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you to understand this.

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