Anyone in love with traveling and exploring the world around them, will tell you of this dilemma that they have had. While some choose Cars as their trusted companions, some on the other hand swear by their bikes to take them any and everywhere. With that said, let’s break it down and compare the pros and cons.


When it comes down to long drives, mileage plays an important role. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that mileage on bikes is way better than what you would be getting on a car. If you want to save a little extra on a trip try heading out with a bike.


Have to give this one to the cars, as it is safer to travel inside a fully closed boxed to protect you from rain, snow, and other natural calamities. Bikes do not have this advantage, if you ride a bike, weather does play a crucial role in your day to day planning.


Although bikes in the long run require more maintenance than cars, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily more expensive. The maintenance that cars go through do indeed cost more in total than going with a bike would.


It would be a blatant lie if it was mentioned that cars even had a slight chance of winning against a bike in this round. Bikes are and will always be more agile than cars in terms of accessibility. Cars have stability yes, but when it comes to going places, bikes are always one step ahead. For you that are still doubtful, try heading out to Sakleshpur from Bangalore and you’ll praise the Gods that you have a bike. If you want to give it a go and you don’t own a bike, just take scooty on rent in Bangalore or rent cruiser bike Harley Davidson online, and check that place out.


Although some might find riding a bike comfortable, the comfort that comes with going on a long drive with a car is 10 times better than any bike could boast. The comfort of travel is what some seek while travelling, and for those people cars is definitely a better option.


Motorbikes do tend to have a lower amount of longevity than cars when it comes to endurance. Cars, as mentioned, are more stable, and a well-maintained car is pretty much unstoppable from anything the road can throw at them.


The cars take it away in this round too, although bikes go fast, and are better for traffic, in a top speed comparison the bike would fail against a car. And since we are talking about road trips here, where traffic is relatively less, yes, the car does have the upper hand.

Although some may prefer cars, and clearly there are a lot of advantages in driving one, there is no denying the underlying fact that regards road trips with respect to fun. It is undeniably more enjoyable to ride a bike with your friends while you head for your destination, feeling the wind against your face and your body actually recognizing the fast speed you are running at, and don’t you think that is exactly what a road trip is meant to be? However, you may feel, if you are a bike rider try heading out with a car, and if you are a car driver try going on a trip with a bike. Just try it out, and experience it yourself because after all to experience new things is what we all travel for!