Essential tips for selling gold


It is normal to have some money problems once in a while. During this time, many people consider selling their golden jewelry so as to free some cash. The prices of gold have continued to rise in the recent past and are expected to keep rising in the future. It is for this reason that most gold buyers are looking to purchase gold as they anticipate it will be worth more in the future. As the seller you need to beware of a too good deal. Below are some tips to assist you when you want to sell gold online.

Shop around
It does not matter if you get a good deal from the first buyer, it is important to shop around and look for better deals. Even if you intend to sell gold online, start local by taking it to a reputable jeweler who can give you an estimate of the value. This way you have a base value even before you can start accepting bids from other buyers. Most jewelers will give you a free estimate.

Is it scrap or history?
Most of the old buyers will buy pieces and melt them later. If you are selling a golden item make sure that it is not worth more in the form it is currently that when it is melted. When you are squeezed for cash the extra money can come in handy. If it is an antique item, it might fetch much more. This emphasizes the importance of having the item inspected before you can even consider selling it. You could probably auction the item to earn a little more.

Read the fine print
After you have identified a legitimate buyer online the next thing is going ahead with the sale. Most websites will have a contract for you as the seller. It is advisable to read and compare the terms and conditions from different websites. Ensure that you read all the fine print to avoid expensive mistakes. One of the fine print that most sellers don’t realize is that the shipping to the buyer might be free but if the seller changes their mind they have to pay really high rates to have their gold piece shipped to them.

Ensure you are protected
Before you can ship the piece to the buyer, make sure you make copies of all the documents and take a photograph of the piece. In the event of loss you need to check the company’s reimbursement policy. Most companies have limited liability which means you are the one who loses.

With the above tips you can be sure you will sell your piece for the highest amount and to a reputable company. Before selling ensure you are realistic about the price to avoid disappointments when you get the piece upraised and the bids from the buyers.


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