Cars can be a tricky thing to own if yo are trying to live on a budget, on the one hand you want the freedom and the flexibility which they can give you, on the other you want to spend less money and the car is a necessary monthly payment. The bills soon rack up when it comes to running a car with gas prices, insurance, tax and upkeep to name just a few.

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can make sure that you save as much money as possible when running your car and we spoke to business and car aficionado Eugene Bernshtam to find out some ways of doing just that.

Saving on Gas

Without gas your car is nothing more than a useless heap of metal so it is fair to say that gas is an absolute necessity. Whilst this is true, there are things that you can be doing to make sure that you save as much money on gas as you can. Driving sensibly is the first way that you can save money on your gas usage, over-revving the engine, braking late and speeding is a guaranteed way to burn gas and if you calm down your driving style, you can save a lot of gas.

Another great way to save gas is to car pool with people who are going the same way as you, there are apps that can put you in touch with fellow riders and you can save a lot of gas money using this approach.


When the time comes to renew your insurance premium, you should absolutely not ignore it and simply allow it to run over into the following year. Instead of ignoring it, you should start getting active online and searching for insurance deals on comparison sites. With just a little bit of time spent online, you could save yourself a great deal of money on your insurance which will mean that you are spending less and less each month.

Additional Extras

In order to save that little bit more money on your car each month, you should be looking to wash the car on your own. It may not seem like much when you pay someone to wash and valet your car, but the truth is that it soon adds up. Washing the car isn’t difficult and in order to save yourself some money, you could easily do this on your own. Equally, when it comes to saving money you should resist the urge to buy any gadgets or accessories for your car, they are unnecessary and they can cost you money.

The biggest key to saving cash on your car is to driving sensibly, not only will this save you money on gas but it will help to preserve the parts of your car and this can help you avoid paying out for new parts in the future.