Lombok Island is located just east of it is a more famous and glamorous neighbor, Bali. Around the same size as Bali, Lombok is considerably more straightforward, laid-back, and strikingly less improved than bustling Bali. I liken it to Bali’s ‘back-water.’

Like most of Indonesia’s main islands, Lombok Island is a mountainous volcanic island full of gorgeous landscapes: lush terraced rice fields, dense jungle and forests, strapping waterfalls, awe-inspiring coastlines, and stunning beaches.

Because Lombok has a low population density and is relatively undeveloped for tourism, it is bursting with quiet organic places. Together Lombok’s northern coast, especially, not many villages, cities, or houses are located. You can drive for hours, passing through only a handful of settlements. That is still impossible on Bali, Sumatra, and Java Island.

When you start to drive around Lombok, you will understand how crowded, bustling, and highly populated Indonesia’s other major islands are. In general, nature is the very best reason to see Lombok.

Lombok’s Nature

The island is blessed with completely stunning coastlines that consist of miles and miles of picturesque terrain. Like wide sweeping beaches, tall headlands dipping into wide bays of aquamarine seas and vast coconut plantations. Occasional discreet upscale resorts grace some of the bays. A few little villages are situated in individual bays as well. Still, overwhelmingly the area is undeveloped and of authentic nature.

Mount Rinjani Lombok

Lombok has overseen by Volcanic Mount Rinjani, one of Indonesia’s most significant volcanoes beyond Irian Jaya, peaking around 3726-meters. Rinjani’s giant, jagged crater rim peers above clouds in early mornings and late evenings, but otherwise is frequently absent from spot, hidden behind dense clouds. Mount Rinjani is Bali’s version of sacred Mount Agung.

Rinjani is a popular mountain trek among the two western travelers and Asian climbing fans. They consider it a major climbing expedition. The usually guided hikes take three times up and two days back, camping along the road. The entire way around, Mount Rinjani’s lower slopes are incredibly fertile areas filled with rice fields and dense forests. Many giant trees still stand all around Lombok.

Gili Islands Lombok

Lombok is probably most well-known for its three Gili islands (‘Gili,’ meaning ‘island’), just off Lombok’s west shore, Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Air. All three islands have vetoed motorized vehicles ultimately! The only transport found is pony & Cabinets and bicycles. This makes the Gilis incredibly quiet and traffic-free. The only ‘traffic’ noise is the magical jingle of pony bells as they trot across the island’s sandy ‘streets.’

Trawangan is a renowned party island with dance parties and bars galore most nights of the week. Gili Meno and Air are substantially quieter. While Gili Air has occasional parties, Meno’s populations like to stick to silent and more peaceful.

Vacation is more than just the scenery of nature. It’s also about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.