Exciting Things to Do in St. Louis that Make You Feel Like a Kid Again


There’s a reason why St Louis attracts over 25 million visitors each year. It’s not just the Southern hospitality and St Louis Cardinals.

This city is extraordinarily fun.

No matter your age or budget, there’s something for everyone in St Louis. Families flock here for kid-friendly activities. Everyone else visits to feel like a kid again!

One of the biggest problems with traveling and not knowing what to do when you get to a location, is not putting in the time and effort to pre-plan. After reading through our list of the most exciting and fun things to do in St. Louis, you will end up having a trip to remember for a lifetime!

Ready to plan your trip itinerary? Here are the top things to do in St. Louis for a fun time.

1. Feel Your Stomach Drop at Six Flags

If you’re a fan of eating corn dogs and spikes of adrenaline, check out Six Flags St Louis. This theme park is world-renowned for bringing the thrills, screams, and endless fun.

Besides epic roller coasters, there are always live entertainment shows inside the park. All your favorite cartoon characters will be there to meet.

After walking around the park in the sun, cool off at the Hurricane Harbor Water Park. Be prepared to get soaked on the Thunder Rapids.

2. Hug a Furry Friend at Purina Farms

What could make you feel more like a kid again than a petting farm? At Purina Farms, you can live your childhood dreams of cuddling all the furry creatures you see.

There are cows, pigs, and goats that all love getting stroked. Watch them frolic in the fields with their friends. Then, check out the rescue dog agility performances.

They even have BYOD events- bring your own dog! Mingle with other pet owners and lead your dog through an agility course.

3. Become a Clown at City Museum

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, now you can. City Museum lets visitors take circus classes and clown workshops. Learn how to entertain the crowd under the big top.

Museums are one of the most recommended things to visit when looking through top travel blogs on the internet today. When it comes to visiting St. Louis, this location is no exception!

City Museum also has multiple art exhibits, playgrounds, and climbing zones. Grab a bite at The Roof Top Cantina. Ogle the thousands of fish species in the aquarium.

There’s so much to do here, make sure you have the whole day free. It’s the perfect place to bring your kids and let your inner child out.

4. Break Out of an Escape Room

Escape rooms are all the rage right now, and St Louis has one of the best locations in the country. Breakout Games hosts a variety of escape room situations. Some are kid-friendly, others might give you the creeps.

Here are some of the Escape Room Scenarios you can try to break out of:

  • Hostage
  • Operation: Casino
  • Museum Heist
  • The Kidnapping

There’s also Island Escape and Do Not Disturb. Each room will test your wits and strength. If you can face your fear, you can escape.  

Want More Ideas of Things to Do in St. Louis?

St Louis is one of the best cities in America to release your inner child. Go on an adventure, be a clown, and overcome your nightmares.

The list above is just some of the things to do in St. Louis. There’s plenty more for all ages and budgets.

If you want more travel tips for planning your vacation, check out our Travel section. Decide where you’ll go after St Louis and how you’ll get there. Travel opens us up to new experiences and tons of fun.

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