Expand your brand on online marketplaces


The way of  shopping and spending habits are different today, having an online presence is a must if you want to succeed in a global world.

 Some of the advantages that an online marketplace can offer to your business are that it provides a new channel to list your products. It allows you to reach a new and established customer base, with a potential to expand your business to new opportunities for overseas sales. For your customers it also represents a benefit, because online marketplace platforms offer an easy way to compare prices and products.

Using an online marketplace could help to expand your brand reaching to a larger customer base with hassle-free selling, and getting access to marketing benefits already achieved by the platform of your choice. You can also check out for their digital marketing services.

 Lower risks for your business

Why use time, and take risk on setting up an e-commerce when you can choose to sell on an online marketplace and access benefits at a lower risk. If you have a business and don’t have the time or resources to invest and launch your own e-commerce, selling on an online Marketplace is a safer and easier way to get involved in the online retail market.

These marketplace platforms will charge you a fee for listing your products, but they will cover the costs associated with the payment process and the shipping.

Also, you will not have to worry about maintaining your online store, or paying for the costs associated with the infrastructure of the site.

The Customers are already there

Most online Marketplaces have a customer base that already knows the site, and most of them have purchased something already on the platform. Most of the users already know how the platform works and how to find what they need.

If you choose to sell on an established marketplace you will have access to that customer base too. If you’re thinking of selling on Mercari, we have a few tips to get you started…

Customer care is key

When you sell on an online marketplace one of the things that you have to focus your attention on is customer care. It is important that we know the customer base that usually buy on the platform that we listed our product, knowing about their expectations on aspects like shipping or customer care, is key to be successful.

A key point that could make us stand out from the others, is being responsive to the customers, this will translate to a better experience for the customer.

We recommend responding if it’s possible within 24 hours. This will make the customers feel like they are being heard, and will make the process more personal.

If you’re new on the platform one thing to consider is offering discounts, being more flexible about returns, and taking special attention to the customers needs. Learn how to read your customer expectations, this is a relevant aspect cause it leads to good reviews and this will favor your position as a seller.

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