Expedited International Shipping


Expedited international shipping is general shipping term that is most often used by a merchant to assure the customer that their package will be given priority over others and a shorter delivery time than the most cost effective option that they would otherwise use. It is important to determine the precise methods for transportation of your package anytime international shipping is needed, and especially if the speed of the delivery is important.

Expedited international shipping is sometimes confused with terms like premium, express or priority. Unless specified by the merchant, expedited shipping could result in any combination of modes of travel and service providers. Not all mail service companies provide expedited international shipping, and some locations simply cannot get a quicker international package delivery at all. Carriers often outsource portions of the chain of transport for packages, because some companies specialize in major routes or more specialized methods of travel like air.

Expedited international shipping is generally fastest by air; however this is greatly dependent on where the sender and recipient are located. More importantly, the speed will be determined by understanding the distinction between “expedited” and a specific type of service defined by a company. These can be found in detail on their website or from their customer service representatives over the phone or at one of their physical storefronts. Some major companies provide as many as a dozen different methods for international transport that each provide different incentives.

  • Day Guarantee – often one of the most expensive options, some carriers provide alternatives to standard shipping with a delivery by a certain amount of days. This always places the sender on a deadline to put the package in the hands of the carrier by certain times in order for them to uphold their end of the deal.

  • Mode of Transport – specifications to the type of transport used (ground, air or sea) provide a given range of delivery dates, and can be very important when delivering to or from remote areas.

  • Priority, First, Next Flight – terms like these give the package a specific minimum that must be met at points in their path to delivery, such as a guaranteed space on the first available flight or continued movement through the weekend, whereas cheaper options might leave the package until normal business days to continue.

Expedited international shipping can end up being a pretty complex exchange that highlights the growth of a world economy. When dealing directly with one carrier, they can easily provide you with options they have that will meet any requirements. In some cases, this might involve a little shopping around, but this can be done easily by computer or over the phone. When timing is of the essence, make sure to double check the exact service stipulations by the carrier.

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