As one of the most popular service providers in the video conferencing industry, ezTalks Technology Company Ltd provides professional online video conferencing and web conferencing solutions for business of all size.

As we know, video conferencing systems are quite complex, their integration requires high level of expertise and design with the smallest detail. However, our team of engineers, our many years of experience and our wide customer base are in keeping with these criteria. Our installed videoconferencing systems not only utilize the latest technology, but also meet aesthetic and practical aspects of every need, adapt to the customer’s infrastructure, individual needs and habits.

When implementing video conferencing systems, it is important to have excellent visual imaging and clear sound. The ensemble of the two ensures that we feel as though every person in the videoconferencing is in one space. For this reason, our company strives to find the latest and innovative tools and accessories on the market as soon as possible and to apply it successfully. For example, for high-quality microphones, special echo insulating cover, professional sound accessories, and crystal-clear imagery, the high-brightness, high-performance, multi-purpose professional displays that match the size of the room and are not just aesthetic with their thin coffees and extensions And they are imposing, but also space-saving.

One of the prerequisites for the successful application of video conferencing systems is that the user can efficiently use the systems without any prior knowledge, to fully exploit the potential of the technology. To do this, we use pre-programmable controllers that allow the entire system to be started at the touch of a button, and at the touch of a button we can connect with the other participants. Our self-developed preset buttons allow you to control the camera with the touch of a button.

Our built-in videoconferencing systems can be combined with multiple displays and cameras, allowing users to send the contents of their laptop or mobile device to one of the displays, while others can see the participants in the conference or share other content at the same time. The size of the monitors in contrast to the integrated systems – can be adjusted to the size of the meeting room, and even later, the prices can be changed to larger sizes.

In addition to our conference room systems, there is an increasing need for users to connect to a conference call or simply make video calls with their PCs. This is supported by the larger client applications, but we can also connect to a video conference using a WebRTC protocol from a simple browser.

Successful conference is a prerequisite for a high quality and secure telecommunication connection, which is always thorough planning and pre-testing to ensure our customers have carefree, comfortable and stable communication.

Building video conferencing systems for huddle room:

Nowadays, more and more workplaces are needed for work where colleagues working on a joint project can meet. Comfortable video conferencing systems are a great option for video communication with such collaboration spaces and executive rooms. These systems do not require high financial costs and their design can be done in significantly less time than a large negotiator. Using a video conferencing equipment on a desktop system (laptops, PCs), it is possible to have a well-equipped display and camera for video conferencing, in a narrow circle. Furthermore, the cable-free design makes connection very simple, comfortable and aesthetic.

Another great advantage of compact systems is that they can be integrated into home living rooms, so you can remotely provide high-quality connectivity to your company’s video conferencing.