Online assessments are becoming popular and are being utilised extensively in sectors like education, corporate companies, and the government for the digitisation of evaluating skills and knowledge. 

With most academic institutions going through the pandemic, technology-enabled online assessment platforms are emerging as an incredible tool. Similarly, virtual interactions in the corporate sector are becoming preferable than in-person interviews.  The disruption has created the need for adopting online assessment solutions like to guarantee process consistency.

Objectives of Using Online Assessment Platforms

The following are the objectives of using online assessment platforms like

  • To test the knowledge or skills of a candidate
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate
  • To understand personality and character traits
  • Provide career counselling that helps in finding a suitable job or career

Features To Look For In Online Assessment Software


Here is a list of a couple of the most basic features that one should remember while choosing online assessment software:

Integrated Platform

An enterprise online assessment platform will enable your users to pass exams faster, safely, and securely. Be it recruitment, training, and education, with the multi-question format and AI-enabled remote proctoring, extensive reports can be customized as per your needs. 

The platform you choose should include multi-section workflows, which can help you simplify the complex candidate assessment processes.


With limited features in online assessment software, you won’t be able to strike a chord with candidates. You need to have a versatile and customisable assessment platform that is suitable for your needs. 

Choose a platform that can help users to create their test or pick a custom-built test to standardised questions or offer an answer to add new items, relying upon a competency framework.

An Assessment Battery

It is the most effective method when measuring a candidate’s skill sets, abilities, and personality. It can differ from role to role, based on the requirement of the job and employers. 

For example, companies looking to recruit a developer may use a coding test to assess a candidate’s coding skills.  Some other tests, like sales profiler, domain, and aptitude test, are used to assess sales professionals critically.

Better Candidate Experience

Great assessment platforms are built to satisfy the varied needs of businesses who want to build pipelines, create effective talent recruitment strategies, and renew their training processes. 

However, making a candidate experience smoother is considered to be the foremost feature you should look for. The easy user interface, language comprehensible questions, images, flash, videos can help candidates take those tests more interestingly.

Data Security

Assessment platforms guarantee safety when it comes to data security. There are many things included while assessing a candidate’s activity, such as the candidate’s data and questions set to analyse reports. 

Hence, companies need to store their data in the cloud. If your data are well encrypted, the chances of misusing it are very less. Data encryption is essential as it prevents unauthorized access to question sets.

Multi-linguistic Platform

In case you would like to conduct exams in multiple languages, you must consider choosing a platform that provides multiple language support for different regions and nationalities.

These are potential features that can help hiring managers make better-recruiting decisions by adopting data-driven evaluation and candidates’ assessment. Choose your online assessment platform wisely to make your organization’s assessment strategies successful.