There are lots of popular books out there; the Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Diary Of A Young Girl, and Gone with the Wind are just a few of the examples of books that capture the heart of the masses. Aside from those well-known books, the Bible is also considered great literature, but there are only limited people who have tried to dive into the realm of spiritual living.

If you think knowing the Bible is not a thing anymore today, think again, child. You still have time to get to know the Bible and understand what it is trying to convey. If you still have that flaming interest about the scripture deep within you, let’s rekindle that curiosity and light it up even more through discussing some facts.


One of the most incredible bible facts is the prophecies written in it. Three thousand prophecies already appeared in reality, and approximately three thousand predictions that aren’t coming in sight yet. If you’re going to delve into the Bible, you will be amazed at how these prophecies came into reality little by little.

The First Translation Was Misconstrued

The first person who translated the whole Bible is an English philosopher named John Wycliffe; he interpreted it from Latin to English. Regardless of what he did, he was judged by the Catholic Church; they even burned his remains after he died as a penalty for his action.

Authors Of The Bible

The scripture will not be published without any writers. If you’re wondering about the Bible’s author, it was inscribed long years ago by 40 writers; they have distinct statuses and heart-stopping stories that inspired people. God used the fishers, peasants, prophets, kings, and many more; the incredible thing is that God did not just choose these people using the ranks glued in their names but because he saw something great in them.

The Bible Is Classified Into Five Groups

The Bible is made up of 66 books as a whole, and these books are arranged into five groups. These factions are Historical, Poetical, Prophetic, Epistles, and Gospels. The historical books discuss past incidents; it commences from Genesis up to Esther. On the other hand, the poetical books are assumed as the experiences of Christ’s people when they were still existing; this section starts from Job and finishes up with the Song of Solomon.

The other category is the prophetic books written by the prophets mentioned in the scripture. The Bible has seventeen prophetic books; it begins with Isaiah and ends with Malachi. The second to the last group is the Epistles; there are twenty-one books written by Apostle Paul, but some disagreed and believed that he only composed thirteen of them. The last group is the Gospels; it embodies four books, commencing from Matthew going to the book John.

Oldest Person In The Bible

The Bible includes history, and when we say history, it does not just embody stories but also the age of our ancestors. Today’s time is far from the previous generations; we are fortunate enough if we will reach the age of eighty. One-hundred years old is hard to reach, but believe it or not, the Bible says that someone out there reached the age of 969, and his name was Methuselah.


If you’re bombarded with lots of questions, just read your Bible, and your queries will be answered right away. Do not hesitate to open the scriptures for reading is the beginning of acquiring wisdom and knowledge. If you are in great distress, always remember that the scriptures provide you verses that will help you overcome your current situation.