Few modifications that will improve the performance of your offset smoker amazingly


Offset smokers are dominating the barbecue competition scene for years. They are also known as a barrel, side firebox, pipe or horizontal smokers. These traditional smokers perform well but with a little change, you can derive the best out of them. This modification is widely known as offset smoker mods among the users. There are no particular rules about these mods, you can alter them as per your comfort level. But to assist you in the process, here are some ideas which can turn these normal smokers into serious ones.

  1. Add a convection plate or a duct

Extended cooking time is one of the annoying problems with offset smoker. And the problem occurs because when the heat travels from the firebox to the cooking chamber, it gets scattered and loses intensity. Since most of the offset smokers come with a thin cooking chamber which aggravates the problem. That means if you can add a duct and make it thicker, the problem will be solved. You can place a metal flap between the firebox and cooking chamber. This will prevent the smoke from scattering and ensure even heat to each side.

  1. 2. Lower the chimney

In most of the offset smokers, the chimney is positioned at the upper part which draws the smoke and heat towards it. If you can lower the chimney intake, the side to side heat difference would reduce and you will achieve even heat and cooking. You can do this modification very easily and cheaply. This very modification can be done in various way.

Using dryer vent ducting is one of the ways. Or you can do this with some aluminum flashing. In this way, you need to roll them up, slide into the chimney and then dropping down to the grate. This very modification might be the most effective one you can do with your offset smoker.

  1. 3. Get a chimney cap

To prevent rain and snow and improve the chimney life, a chimney cap is very useful. Consider getting one.

  1. 4. Get a digital thermometer

The thermometers these smokers include don’t give accurate result all the time. Moreover, they are not mounted near the grating level. That’s why, if you can add a digital thermostat, it will give you greater control over the temperature. This type of thermostats has a feature where you can set alarm to notify you if the temperature gets high.

  1. 5. Include a baffle

A baffle is meant to protect the meat at the firebox edges from extreme temperature and help the heat draw to smoke chamber and results in even heating. Here also some options are available. Some use cookie sheets where some others use water-filled foil roasting pan.

  1. Make a charcoal basket

The purpose of making a charcoal basket is holding a large pile of coals inside the firebox. With a charcoal basket, you can use the Minion method of controlling fire. In this method, you can maintain a constant temperature for a long time.

Apart from these techniques, you can also try making a drain, getting a can of cooking spray, adding an insulator, getting a mud pan or water pan and many more. Each one is meant to improve the performance of your offset smoker. Don’t forget to Read about a jerky offset smoker.

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