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The highly up looking economy, low costing of living are certainly some reason, which makes it ideal to work in Malaysia.  In fact, Malaysia offers numerous job prospects for those with highly qualified and talented people.

In case you hold a professional degree and have some experience, Malaysia is inviting you with open arms. Most of the people in Malaysia are absorbed in the tertiary sector, i.e. the service sector. There are numerous job options in the secondary or industrial sector also.

Jobs in Demand in Malaysia

  1. Engineering: As technology is constantly improving in Malaysia there is a growing demand in the engineering sector in the country. There is demand in engineering sector for research and development, innovation, designing, manufacturing, logistics and so on. In fact, jobs Malaysia need civil engineers, electrical engineers, mining engineers, mechatronics engineer, and so on. If you have a degree in engineering, there can be high job prospects for you in Malaysia.
  2. Information and Communication Technology (ICT): IN case you are skilled in IT there are strong growth prospects for you in Malaysia. There is a great demand for technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing in the ICT sector. You can take jobs like systems analyst, database administrator, software developer, programmer or network engineer.
  3. Business: In case you hold like management or marketing, you can surely find good jobs in Malaysia. The country embraces young professional with specialized degrees like MBA, marketing, economics and finance. For example, there is a dearth of qualified and experienced people in the sales and marketing sector, resulting in filling the position by less capable people. There is job vacancy in Malaysia for professionals like business development manager, marketing executives, manufacturing manager and financial analyst.
  4. Accounting: Malaysia badly needs versatile accountancy graduates for managing various facets of the business. In case you hold degrees like ICAEW, CA, CIMA, etc., you can have bright prospects in the country. You can get the jobs like auditor, taxation consultant and adviser, accountant or financial controller.
  5. Actuarial Science: There is a great demand for actuaries in the insurance sector of the country. Their problem-solving skills are the need in various sectors like finance (Banking and investment) and administration. There are strong chances of growth of insurance sector in Malaysia in the coming years. So, there will be a rising demand for statistician and mathematician in actuary sciences, data analysts and product actuaries in the country. You can search Job Malaysia Online for finding more.
  6. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH): The role of an occupational health and safety specialist is related to ensuring safety and health standards for lowering the chances of occupational hazards. So these people are engaged in reducing the chances of accidents at the workplace by ensuring safety measures. So there is a great demand for safety officers, technical safety experts and health officers in the country.
  7. Education: As Malaysia is taking strides towards promoting education, there is great need of professors in the educational institutions. If you hold a degree in the streams like languages, sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicines or health sciences, there are strong growth prospects for you.

You can even find a part-time job in KL. So be ready to touch the height of success by working in Malaysia








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