How to find people without knowing their surnames


Sometimes you meet people at parties and wonder how to find them again. You may not even know your last name. It is not necessary to hire a private investigator in these cases. Use a combination of social networks both online and offline to find the person without invading their privacy. If you want to contact a woman you met in high school, you will have to know how to locate someone without knowing their last name. It is possible that she no longer uses her maiden name.

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Of course, social media is something you can depend on. There are lots of social media you can use to find people online. Use social networking sites MySpace or Facebook give you several options to find people without knowing their last names. Once you have found the person, contact her through the site and exchange phone numbers or plan a meeting. Connect to your MySpace account and click on the “Friends” tab. Go to “Find people.” Write what you know specifically about this person. Choose your gender and age range. Use the “Zip Code” menu to narrow the search criteria to an area within a certain distance from where you think you live. Enter your zip code and press “Update.” In the tab “Advanced search” you can enter the ethnic group of the person, body type, education, income levels and height. This is useful if the person has completed a profile with all that information. It starts with a general search and sees it shrinking so as not to miss any profile.

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Use your username on the Internet, it is possible that your friend has decided not to share her last name due to security issues. You may use a username in several places. This is particularly useful if you met someone in a chat room or on an online site. In this way you can use the social network to add her as a friend or send a message. If you have an original avatar, keep your eyes open when you look for it in local forums. You may use another username but the same image on multiple sites.

Step 3

Search in the yearbooks. You may only remember your acquaintance for its appearance. If you are looking for someone with whom you went to high school, look in the yearbooks. You may find her with her maiden name. Users should usually put their names of singles and married, so you may find them without knowing their current surname.

Step 4

Write your story on some website. You may not find the person without knowing their last name. Make your friends, family and all your internet contacts help you with the search. Write about the circumstances in which they met in a local newspaper or in the “connection loss” section of the forums and in your personal blog. It gives general characteristics of the person you are looking for. It keeps some obvious data so that the person can identify himself, as the color of the scarf he was wearing on the day of the encounter. Do not write so much information so it does not become a risk to your safety. You may not want to make yourself known if you share too much personal information about her. Even if you do not find the person you’re looking for, you might find someone to point you in the right direction.

We hope this article can help you in understanding how to find people without knowing their surnames. Good luck and happy searching!

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