Probably what eSports is, if not all know, but very many. Yes, of course, there are e-sports teams that go to tournaments and get good money for it. However, most people do not even imagine the turnover of this market. At first glance, there is really no money in e-sports, but if you dig below, this point of view does not hold water. Let’s try to deal with the 안전놀이터 site eSports money issue.


Audience and volume

According to independent analysts, over the next 3 years, the number of people who are passionate about e-sports will increase at least twice. Many computer games have already bypassed such sports as polo, auto racing or chess, and the dynamics are not in favor of classical hobbies.

Today, according to research, there are more than 130 million fans of all kinds of e-sports disciplines in the world. Rapid growth topics and solid investment in this industry guarantee rapid audience growth.

So, as of 2020, the volume of the e-sports market has increased to over 600 million dollars, with half of this money being in Asia. The United States is in second place, while Europe is in third place.

Cult game

Where does the money come from in eSports?

Computer games have gained immense popularity in South Korea and in China here e-sports is incredibly popular. Full-fledged educational institutions dedicated to e-sports are being opened, this is talked about on Chinese television channels. It is worth noting that the Korean Association several years ago officially recognized eSports as a level 2 sports discipline. That is true, to participate in the Olympics you need the first level, but active work is already underway on this. Large teams of cyber sportsmen include psychologists, producers, nutrition specialists and other specialists in their staff.

  • The largest Dota 2 tournament is called The International 5, its prize pool this year is more than $ 15 million. And out of 10 top teams, 4 come from China.
  • The most popular and popular game on the Steam service at the moment is the Dota 2 we mentioned above. More than 10 million players play it daily. Such a solid audience could not fail to interest big business and sponsors. So, at the International Championship 4, a team of 5 people received more than $ 5 million for first place unprecedented money for a growing industry.

Last Words

However, one cannot fail to notice that the situation in the world of e-sports is very variable in 2019 the main game in Europe and the USA League of Legends, which won the hearts of millions of gamers. The daily number of people playing it has exceeded 10 million users. An innocent hobby turned into a big business many players are here not only for pleasure, but also for the purpose of earning, converting game gold into cash dollars.