Are you one of the five million new firearm owners in America? Since 2020, the registration of new firearms has increased significantly for various reasons.

Many people are interested in hunting for the first time. Others need a new hobby and take up target shooting. Though most people are looking to learn how to use firearms in case they need to defend themselves or their homes.

In any case, learning how to shoot more accurately is critical to your effectiveness and enjoyment of a firearm. And a laser sight is one such tool that can help.

Laser sights are attachments you can add to any firearm but are most commonly used on handguns designed for self-defense.

Looking to learn how to use laser sight? Keep reading below to find out now.

First Off, Try a Laser Bore Sight

A laser bore sight isn’t used while firing your gun, like the rest of the lasers we discuss below. But if you have a new gun, you’ll need to get it dialed in, or zeroed in.

You need to align your scope or sights with the barrel of your gun in order to ensure accuracy. To do this, you need to fire a few shots and adjust your sight depending on where those shots are going.

But this can waste a lot of ammunition fast, which is why a laser bore sighter comes in handy. It’s shaped like a bullet that you inset into your chamber. But it doesn’t fire.

It just emits a laser out of the barrel, so you can see where a bullet would hit. Then you can align your sight with the laser to save time and ammo.

What Is a Laser Sight?

A regular sight is something attached to the outside of your firearm. It emits a laser onto your target so that you have a visual cue as to where your bullet will hit.

You can then fire your gun and watch as the bullet hits that exact spot. They are incredibly helpful, especially for new shooters.

They are a goods training mechanism to help you understand how to aim and shoot a firearm. And if you are ever in a self-defense situation, it will help you identify your target easier, even with adrenaline pumping.

Types of Laser Sights

There are different styles of laser sights available. And you can find them for different firearm models. For example, you can get a Glock 19 laser for the most popular handgun. Or you can get a AR 15 laser sight for the most popular rifle.

There are laser grips, which activate automatically once you properly grip your gun. There are rear-mounted lasers installed on the back of the gun. You can get trigger-mounted lasers installed on the front of your trigger guard.

You can even get a laser attached to a hand stop for a two-in-one product, such as this HS1 laser hand stop.

There are a few other variations as well that are a bit more specialized. Most people like the ease and flexibility of a rear-mounted laser, particularly on a handgun since there isn’t a scope on top.

Shoot Straight With Ease

There are countless gun accessories you can add to your favorite handguns, rifles, and shotguns. But few are as beneficial as a laser sight. Yes, they will actually help you hit your target almost every time. And that’s the goal, right?

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