With so many technological advances, listening to music has never been so easy. You do not have to depend on cassette players or cd players to listen to music. Now we can do that easily with portable devices in our hands where we have our own playlists. If you are looking for music bands, then check out greenlightbands.com.

For people who love listening to music, these 5 music apps are a must try and are sure to make your day.

  • Google Play Music

Google play music is the best add-free app to download music, and it is also free to use. It is pre-installed on smartphones and has a very friendly and easy user interface where you can find music tracks. It has more than 50,000 songs in its database, and you can subscribe to podcasts through this app. It offers smart recommendations that recommend songs to you based on the music you have listened to previously. Your music will be saved in the cloud so you can listen to it anywhere and keep the songs you would want to listen offline.

  • SoundCloud

It is one of the most popular apps today that streams free music on android and ios. You can use their feature to save your favorite songs that you want to listen to offline. It has a few numbers of ads, but you can pay to remove them. You can discover music that is made by audio creators and even record your own. You can easily share the music with your friends on various social media apps. This app is excellent for people who want to start their music careers online.

  • Mp3 Skull Music Downloader Pro

Skull mp3 Player Pro is one of the best free apps to download free music. The search engine will search for songs according to your search query. It has a default music player from which you can listen instead of opening the stock music player. There is a feature in this app where you can set any track as your ringtone.

  • Amazon mp3

When you buy any song or an album from amazon mp3 store, your purchase will go to your cloud player, and you can play that later or any other song that you have downloaded. You can download songs for offline listening. Because the music streams at complete bitrate, make sure that you have a strong signal so the music does not break during playback.

  • Winamp

Winamp has a simple interface that has many useful features. You can wirelessly sync your music to your phone and to your Winamp install on your computer and download free music from Spinner. The equalizer can be customized as you want and you can switch between songs without unlocking the phone through lock screen mode. It is one of the greatest standalone music management apps for Android.

If you love to listen to music, download any of these apps to have a great experience as they are among the best music apps out there.

About the Author:

Kristal Bean is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes wedding planner. In her free time, she homeschools, works out and loves to listen to live music. Check her blog Green Light Booking.