Children with flat feet will have a fallen arch, meaning that when they stand their feet will fall flat on the floor. Flat feet are normal in young children and infants, and at this age, treatment of flat feet is usually not needed, and it is often highly debatable. However, if you are still worried about the little ones, you can contact your podiatrist and have them take a look.

In some cases, your podiatrist might suggest orthotics; for example, you have the children’s orthotics for flat feet like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry and your local podiatrist will surely be able to recommend good orthotics as well. But, keep in mind that in most cases, children’s’ feet will naturally correct themselves, just give it time.

Adults who lead active lives need to have regular podiatry visits.

What are flat feet?

As the name would already suggest, flat feet are feet that do not have an arch or have a very low one, so that when you put your feet on the ground, you walk or run, your feet will lay flat on the ground. Even if this might seem like an issue with your feet, it starts with your heel instead. Kids who are younger than 9 years old, will most likely get this issue resolved naturally.

However, if your kid is feeling any sort of pain or discomfort, then it might be time to visit a podiatrist instead. There are a couple of simple ways to check if your kids have flat feet. One of them is simply taking their footprint, or taking a closer look at their feet when they stand.

What causes flat feet in kids?

There are a couple of reasons that could cause your kids to have flat feet. Kids who have low tone will often have flat feet due to ligament laxity, while kids who have a high tone have flat feed due to Achilles tendon being too short.

But as it was already repeated, it is normal for kids to have flat feet, and unless they are feeling pain there is no need for concern. Of course, you are allowed to visit a podiatrist, but in most cases, time will resolve all of the issues.

In case it does not, you always have the custom-made orthotics Sydney from Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or other orthotics that your podiatrist might recommend. Keep on mind that while the custom-made orthotics might be a bit on the pricey side, they are specially tailored to your kid’s feet, which makes them better at resolving the issue.

There are many orthotics that could help your kid’s feet

Problems with flat feet

Flat feet will not only cause problems in your kid’s feet, but there is also a chain of reactions that could occur. For example:

  • Improper walking pattern
  • Joint pain
  • Poor foot development
  • Possible toe walking
  • Muscle exhaustion/weakness

In theory, insoles and inserts should be enough to provide your kids with enough support to correct their problem, however, you should make sure to visit your podiatrist first. There are many orthotics out there, and you need to know which are the right ones.

Final word

Many people, podiatrists as well, will treat flat feet in children without much worry, since they are seen as a problem that usually goes away. However, if you think that there is something wrong with your kid’s feet, you can always talk to a reputable podiatrist, and allow him/her to take a closer look at your kid’s feet.