If you’re looking for a way to make your bedroom look more attractive, feel more comfortable, and even cozier, then you’re ready for a rustic look. Rustic looks are great for bedrooms because you need a cozy look and feel when you’re ready to go to sleep. The rustic look will give your room a very inviting and warm feel, so if you’re ready to make some big changes but don’t know where to start, here are 6 ideas to bring your rustic vibe to life.

Use Plenty Of Wood

Nothing says rustic like the use of wood. Install it right in its natural form by using logs as your ceiling beams, nightstands, bed frames, and end tables. Wood is a true necessity in your bedroom if you’re aiming for a rustic look. Don’t ever paint the wood

It needs to be natural and you can’t see its organic beauty if it’s covered up with paint colours. If you’re stomped on other ways to incorporate wood you can use panelled walls. For your furniture, flooring, and other elements in the room you can use reclaimed wood.

Add Textiles

Bring in several types of fabric to make the décor and ambience in the room much softer. Burlap, linen, and wool go great with your rustic setting. You can also try to woven pieces. There are several ways to find a piece of fabric that works. A rug will bring character to the room instantly. You can also try throw blankets, bedding, and curtains.

Mix Textures

Use various textures to add balance and contrast in the room. Items such as faux sheepskin laying on your ottomans, a faux fur pillow for the sofa, or even a faux fur throw sitting over an armchair.

Chunky Furniture

It should be rather easy to find chunky pieces to go in your bedroom. Consider items like your bed frame, chest drawers, and bedside tables. A blanket box is another great piece to add to your bedroom. This box can also double as a seating area or an additional place to lay a textile or texture over. If you use shelving in your room you can swap out the shelves you currently have an add a timber floating shelf.


Lighting has the ability to bring out certain feelings in a room. If you want a warm and cozy feel, you’ll need lighting that draws that out instead of a bright or crisp lighting. Consider using amber bulbs when you’re ready to adjust the lighting in your new rustic bedroom. You might also consider wooden fixtures or a wooden ceiling to house your amber bulbs.


The best idea to help you commit to your rustic look is using earth tones. Your ideal palette should consist of deep reds, toned down gold, smoky violet and stone grey. Don’t forget to add a few warm cream colours to keep everything flowing together. The pale neutrals will work excellent with your wooden beams and rustic furniture.


If you have bright colours, lots of painted furniture and bright light, then you’re in for a real treat when you give your bedroom a rustic makeover. You’ll be swapping out all of your bright and painted pieces with natural unpainted wood. Your bedroom will look warm and cozy when you’re done because of the newly installed amber lighting and inviting textiles and fabrics. Don’t forget to add in a nice rug or a piece or two of animal fur to really give the room a bit of personality.