Does Foligen Really Work For Hair Loss Or Is It Hype?


There are so many products that claim to have a solution for hair loss. A quick search on Google will probably lead you to a myriad of websites claiming to sell the real, proven solution to baldness or thinning hair line.

But do they really work?

Well, in reality, quite a number of them don’t work. The good news, however, is that there are a few that actually work.

So where does Foligen belong?

Fortunately, Foligen seems to belong to the really thin list of products that work. Let’s see why.

(1) It A Professional Hair Growth Formula

Foligen is not a gimmick. It’s actually a time-tested and proven formula which is made in some of the best laboratories in the world. This is unlike other rushed products which are out there being peddled by salesmen looking to make a quick kill.

Indeed, a good number of Foligen ingredients are actually featured on popular publications on websites like Mayo Clinic, Web MD and even Dr Axe.

(2) It is Made in USA

Be wary of products that don’t have a clear country of origin. Some of these are made in some dark corners of the world and especially in some parts of Asia then shipped into the USA. In such cases, you cannot get a guarantee of high quality ingredients.

That, however, is not the case with Foligen as you get every pill made within the US soil and within FDA certified facilities that adhere to strict GMP guidelines.

(3) Natural Ingredients

As much as it contains a secret formula; every detail of its list of ingredients is actually public for all to see. We are talking about ingredients such as Biotin which have been proven and re-proven to help with hair regrowth.

We’re also talking about the likes of Fo-Ti which is a native Chinese herb known for its anti-aging benefits. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a daily dose of Foligen especially if you’re looking to bring your precious mane back.

(4) Backed By Real Results

The best way to tell if Foligen works is by reading through some of the independent reviews posted about it. To this end, Foligen’s merits are certainly beyond doubt.

The internet is full of articles, videos and posts praising the product. There also tons of before and after photos from people who have benefited from using it.


So, if you’ve been sitting on the idea of going for Foligen due to the worry of whether it works or not, there you have your answer. This product actually works provided it is taken as directed.

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