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Four Things to Look for In A Reputable Electrician in Australia


It is important to make sure our home or office’s electrical system is working properly and safely. The number of electrical-related injuries and casualties in Australia annually may not be that high. However, the hazard for both human life and property is always present. 

From 2014 to 2016, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) tallied 1,065 people hospitalised due to electrical injury. Meanwhile, 55 perished. This number virtually remains the same each year up to this day.  

With this in mind, proper wiring installation and maintenance are extremely important for residential and commercial facilities. A poorly installed or faulty wiring can result in greater hazards such as electrocution or fire if not repaired immediately. 

Hiring a capable Emergency Electricians is always crucial to properly maintain and install building electrical wiring. Without the experience, skill and proper knowledge, electricians can create fire and electrocution hazards in a facility. 

So, before you hire an electrician, it is worth spending your time to do some research. You want to guarantee that your loved ones and your property will be completely safe. 

In this post, we will share with you some of the best tips when you’re seeking a reputable electrician. 

1. Make Sure They Are Licensed & Qualified

First and foremost, before you hire an electrician, make sure they are licensed and qualified. In Australia, different regulations govern the licensing and certifications for electricians.

Here are the state agencies that regulate electrician licenses in Australia.

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACTPLA)
  • Western Australia (Energy Safety)
  • Tasmania (Department of Justice’s Licensing and Accreditation) 
  • Queensland (WorkSafe)
  • South Australia (Technical Regulator)
  • New South Wales (Fair Trading)
  • Victoria (Energy Safe Victoria) 
  • Northern Territory (WorkSafe) 

For example, all the  has are regulated by the Fair Trading of New South Wales since this city is part of this state. An electrician must complete the Certificate III in Electrotechnology offered by NSW Fair Trading. There are different courses for electricians to choose from courtesy of NSW Fair Trading. Furthermore, electricians must provide a certificate of completion for all their finished projects, both minor and major. These certificates are evidence that their work strictly follows the state laws and regulation, and above all the Australian Standards. 

2. Ask for Recommendations 

You can ask your colleagues, family, or friend of who they can recommend fixing your faulty wiring at home. For sure, they have someone they trust that they will gladly share with you. Most of the time, recommendations are ideal considering that the people who shared it to you have positive experiences dealing with a reliable electrician. 

3. Ask for Tradespeople You Trust

If you happen to know any tradespeople in the industry such as contractors, painters, or real estate agents- chances are, they can refer you to a reputable electrician. Similar to recommendations, tradespeople have professionally collaborated or worked together with an electrician for a project. So, they have a first-hand experience of their recommended electrician’s expertise. 

4. Search in Your Local Area

A quick browse through the internet and the results will give you dozens of professional electricians in your area. There are roughly 141,000 licensed electricians in Australia, so finding one will break you no sweat. 

However, before choosing one, you must list down 3 to 4 candidates that you believe are qualified. Check each one’s website to see if they have a license and certificate to operate. 

Check for unbiased customer reviews online to give you a wider scope of their skills and work as electricians. A website is very important for businesses, including electricians, to give their clients information like how some of the best electrical services sydney has done. 


It’s very important not to overlook this matter, considering that an electrician’s work is varied and complex. Their job can save properties and lives. Thus, you must follow the tips we’ve provided to guide you to a reputable and capable electrician.

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