Frequently Asked Questions About High-Risk Training Work Licence


If you believe safety training plans are expensive, try looking at the statistics concerning work-related injuries, disorders, or worst, workplace deaths. The most common causes of these unwanted injuries are lifting, bending, pulling, pushing, setting down objects, carrying, slips, falls and repetitive actions or strain. Therefore, obtaining a high risk training work licence is crucial for any experienced labourer.

What is high risk work?

A high-risk duty involves either of the following work obligations:

  • Includes a risk of a worker slipping and falling from elevations that are more than 2m
  • Includes construction-damaging demolition that may include the usage of dangerous explosives
  • Includes potential replacement or administration of asbestos
  • Requires managing hazardous components or types of equipment that involves fuel, electrical types of machinery, and others.

Why is training important?

Certified workers should undergo special training to learn the important skills needed for specific high-risk jobs. After the course, they may obtain valid certifications and the needed licence to prove they are skilled and competent for the job. Workers are expected to adhere to safety precautions, rules, and regulations.

How long will a high risk training work licence be valid?

These special licences, once obtained, are only valid for five good years. Once the licence is expired, a worker is prohibited from carrying out high-risk jobs until they have a valid and renewed licence.

What are the unwanted situations employees might get into when an accident occurs?

  • Loss of income or job

Employees that are injured in the workplace typically receive coverage, medical care and cash compensations to replace salary loss. However, these compensations are not fully guaranteed. If these businesses become financially challenged, injured employees and their family will not receive the agreed-upon benefits. In such situations, income stability is lost.

  • Physical distress, discomforts, or even death

The physical distress, discomforts, and overall pain of an injured employee would undoubtedly linger for a long time. These physical damages are most likely to be supplemented with emotional and mental stress, both for the employee and their family. Psychological effects on employees may endure long after they have healed physically from an injury from the workplace.

  • Relationship strain

Often overlooked are the negative effects and the possible damage regarding relationships within an injured employee’s household as they attend to the injured employee’s needs and give physical and emotional support to their injured family member. Emotional tension and stress caused by the loss of income may challenge the relationship of family members. The whole situation may eventually result in mental health predicaments for both the injured worker and their family members.

Overall, although accidents are part of life, prevention will always be better than cure. More than the monetary entanglements of damages and injuries, there are more non-financial outcomes and risks of such damages at workplaces. Things such as direct and indirect costs, which would badly affect both workers and their management, may be avoided by conducting and implementing proper safety training.

Employers are obliged to implement a regulated and wholesome working environment for their workers. Businesses that prioritise the welfare of employees will shed a positive light on their companies as they maintain and attract more highly-skilled workers. Employees with essential credentials will give businesses a level of assurance in the employee’s skill because no amount of coverage can repay for the pain, death, or the well-being of an injured worker.

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