Get Boozed in Goa 


Goa boasts party scenes like no other place in India. There are number of places to see in Goa, Being a coastal town that Goa is, the climate here is mostly sticky and humid. This calls for one to keep hydrated all the time. Goa offers a wide range of drinks for its visitors to choose from. Jotted below are some beverages of Goa that you must try while chilling there:-

Feni – Feni is the staple drink of Goa that was introduced back in the 16th century. Majorly made using coconut palm sap and cashew this drink is served everywhere in Goa, be it shacks on the beaches, five-star hotels, motels, or nightclubs. It features 43% of alcohol content and is served in a wide range of varieties. Try as many varieties as you like.

Kings Beer – Kings Beer is exclusively brewed and served in Goa. It comes with absolutely no aftertaste and a smoky malt smell. Prepared using maize it is a perfect drink to go with the authentic seafood of Goa. It has a 4.85% of alcohol and comes in a packaging of 330 ml. Make sure to try one while in Goa.

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Port Wine – This exclusive wine was brought to Goa in the 16th century by the Portuguese colonizers. It was the first-ever wine to be introduced in the country. It is known for its brilliant sweet taste and is preferred with a romantic dinner with your beloved.
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Urrak – Feni is prepared after the third or second distillation of cashew while Urrak is the preparation after the very first distillation. It is a popular local drink that is made using traditional processes by the locals. Urrak is available on in the Summer season. Containing little less than 30% of alcohol, this drink is mostly served with loads of ice, lemonade, and soda.


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