Split air conditioners work just like the traditional central HVAC. Heated and cooled air is forced through ducts and delivered to different spaces at home through registers.

Alternatively, split systems don’t use ducts. The air conditioner has two units – one is installed outdoors and the other is blower unit installed inside. Refrigerant lines, suction lines, and power cables connect both the components. Small holes are drilled in the walls for connecting both units. Indoor units can be mounted on ceiling, floors or high on the walls.

Mini-split system and multi-split system are the two types available. Both can cool and heat multiple rooms but the main difference is that with the latter different temperatures can be set in different rooms, while with the former same temperature applies in every room. For added convenience both can be operated with remote control.

What is multi split AC?

Market is flooded with a variety of Split System Air Conditioning including innovative features. Voltas split air conditioner is perfect because they boast about using advanced technology. Features of multi split AC are as follows –

Variable speed technology

The regular air conditioners frequently start and stop. When thermostat senses fall in temperature, it kicks on the compressor. When the temperature rises to its desired level, thermostat senses it and kicks off the compressor. Every time the compressor turns on and off considerable amount of electricity is consumed.

In the latest variable speed or inverter technology, this issue is eliminated using a feature called variable speed. Compressor is designed to function at variable speed. Speed slows down and accelerates as needed to keep the temperature comfortable and stable.

Heat pump technology

Both the mini and multi split systems depend of heat pumps to cool and heat the air. Latest heat pump technology rewards consumers with energy efficient operations. Less energy is used in comparison to traditional ACs because they operate with natural tendency of heat movement that is from warm regions to cool ones. In this process, very little energy is required.


State-of-art sensors identify small temperature change and make adjustments. In multi split system, these sensors installed in every room ensures that temperature is maintained accurately in every zone.

Reasons to consider multi split AC

  • Energy efficient
  • Adjusts temperature in each room
  • Multiple indoor blowers powered by single outdoor compressor unit
  • More affordable installation, when compared to ducted AC system
  • Adding an extra indoor blower is possible in future
  • Maintenance, repairs, replacement, and service of the unit is affordable

Important tips

  • Installing multi split system is not a DIY project
  • Determine the right equipment capacities carefully
  • Figure out where to install the indoor and outdoor components cautiously
  • Request free estimate from the local AC technicians
  • You can even take help from them to select the best cooling and energy efficient unit, so as to save on power bills

Talented technician will capably install ductless system at your home. This ensures optimal comfort all the year round.