If you are a frequent jet setter who likes to explore the world whenever possible, or just a seasoned traveller, knowing the most followed travel trends makes your experience even more worthwhile. With so many players (airlines) entering the market, each brand wants to retain its loyal consumer base and make a home team of sorts, and loyalty programmes have become the new trend that all of you should keep up with! Read on to know about the ones that you should watch out for.

The coming together of brands

The collaboration of various brands is the icing on the cake for a frequent flyer. Apart from Air India, the biggest player in the country to have made alliances and partnerships with various international airlines is JetPrivilege – the frequent flyer programme of Jet Airways. You earn JPMiles on numerous flights across the world and the names in their partnership list are only increasing with each passing day.

More than just travel

Frequent flyer programmes are steadily treading into non-air activities in order to enhance member experience and increase engagement. JetPrivilege has vigorously broken all rules to partner with 120+ non-air partners in 9 categories, including hotel bookings, dining experiences and shopping. What’s the big deal? There are now so many ways to earn JPMiles through transacting with its partners. Special JetPrivilege offers speed up the earning of JPMiles and also include deals and discounts! Then there is the JetPrivilege shop called the JetPrivilege Reward Store, where these JPMiles can be redeemed in case you aren’t a frequent flyer. Basically, frequent flyer programmes are now focusing on more than frequent flyers.

Travel more, earn more

Even though the trends are tipping towards a less favourable side for budget flyers, it is surely getting better and better for frequent flyers. Even if you choose to fly in the economy class, but do it very often with the same airline, then you are sure to earn a lot of perks. Each domestic player in the market is at the moment trying to up its game and gain a lot of traction by giving out reasons to people for enrolment. The best part about the JetPrivilege programme is that you can enjoy these benefits and privileges across all their partner airlines!

Seamless travel experiences

A modern passenger today expects a seamless travel experience from one point to another – check-ins, security checks, baggage claims, and connecting flights – all this without any disruption and with comfort and ease. JetPrivilege has taken seamless travel to an all new level, where the programme lets its members enjoy a seamless experience not only for travel, but also for earning JPMiles. JetPrivilege has entered into a partnership with Etihad Airways Partners to offer members more routes across the globe, a seamless experience during the travel, uniform privileges with all partner airlines, and an opportunity to earn JPMiles with each of them.

Personalisation to hyper-personalisation

One shoe doesn’t fit everyone, and that’s the understanding with which new practices frequent flyer programmes are adopting.  Not only are travel experiences seamless now, but also personalised and tailored. Collecting passenger data (or shall we say – accurate passenger data) is now very important. Members’ travel habits are studied for more targeted promotional communication such as deals and offers, travel suggestions and plans, and even airport management.