Cockroaches are women’s worst nightmares (no pun intended)! A sight of rodents or cockroaches will simply stop many hearts beating. And there are mosquitoes that never get tired of biting us. But what about bugs? They are not innocent at all! They bite and that could help in transition of diseases including Lyme disease, West Nile and encephalitis, only to name a few.

Chemical repellents are easily available and effective. However, they are toxic not only for pests but also for us. DEFT is the common ingredient used in bug spray. According to the scientists, it increases the chance of seizures, asthma attacks and other health hazards.

Is there any effective natural way to kill these disturbing elements? Yes, we are in luck. Here are some simple ways to drive them out of your house.

Tips 1: Clean the Gutters

Mosquitoes can breed even in shallow water. ‘Prevention is better than cure’! So, you need to take the best preventive measures not to allow them to breed, at least at your home. Make it a point to clean roof gutters regularly to drain out standing water. Stagnant water is the breeding ground for them. Change water in your bathtubs at least, once in a week to get rid of the mosquitoes’ eggs.

Tips 2: Apply the Right Spray

The pests can make quick adaptation to survive. A recent report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has revealed that the mosquitoes are getting resistant to DEFT. This is a clear signal for the pest control companies to bring a new and more effective mosquito repellent. Fortunately, we have natural and less toxic compounds to kill them in form of Picaridin ( sourced from pepper), BiteBlocker (derived from soybean), oil extracted from lemon eucalyptus etc.

Tips 3: Try Rosemary Bouquets

Fresh-cut herbs like mint or rosemary is of good help to prevent wasps from entering into your home. Wasps usually make nests under awnings, railings, caves and the likes. Hanging the bouquets made from those herbs will prevent the wasps from building nests.

Though you are unlikely to love the wasps buzzing around, you should leave them at their nesting places if these are not in the frequently travelled areas. Usually wasps feed on the pests that cause damages to flowers and help in pollination.

Tips 4: Repair Leaks

You must not allow yourself to forget about silverfish. They love humid and moist ambience to thrive. Their presence is an indication that you have a moisture problem at home. Check for water leakage. If you find any problem, fix it immediately. Any opening around the pipes must be sealed. You need to ensure that no egg has been left in the infested areas such as floor and furniture.

Tips 5: Use a Homemade Trap for Cockroaches

The Idaho pest control experts have a wonderful tip to trap cockroaches. Put a banana inside a mason jar and apply petroleum jelly inside the rim. Place the jar at the places where cockroaches usually congregate such as sink or near pipes. They will be tempted to get into the jar but find no way to escape. You can also use a low-toxic mineral near all cracks and crevices which are usually infested by them.