People think that the only thing they should be worried about during winter is how to stay warm on the bike. Well, you should know that there are other aspects you should also pay attention to, because they influence the quality of the ride and the state of the bike. You have to make sure that the bike is in perfect state if you want to ride it during winter. Check all its components and make sure that you purchase the right ones for preparing it for the conditions it will meet.

Get new tires

The tires you have used during the warm season are not appropriate to be used during winter. During the cold season, the condition and surface of the road are dangerous for your safety. Some of the obstacles you will meet will be oil from cars, leaves, wet roads and even slippery streets. If you think that it is too dangerous for you, then you should consider placing your bike into a self storage space during the winter months. But if you want to hit the road, then you have to make sure that you do not expose yourself to accidents. You should replace the old tires with new ones, designed especially for the cold season.

Replace the brake pads

You should check the brake system periodically, not only during winter, because it is important it to be in a proper condition to keep you safe on the road. If it is not functioning properly, then it is advisable to change the brake pads with new ones before the cold weather hits. On the market, you can find pads that are suitable to be used during wet conditions.

Check if the chain is worn

If the chain of the bike is worn and aged, it will also damage the cogs of the cassette and the chain rings. It is advisable to use a chain that can stand to harsh conditions if you want to use the bike during winter. Professional bikers have two chains, one for the cold season and one for the warm one, because in this way they prevent wear and tear. Also, it is recommended to have a chain tool with you when you ride the bike during winter, because you do not want it to break during a rainstorm.

Grease is important

You will have to do some research to find out what type of chain lube is the right one for your bike. You should know that not all chain lubes are right to be used during the cold season. It is important to choose one resistant to water, because it will prevent the chain from rusting. But not only the chain should be greased, you should do the same for all the other parts of the bike. Focus on the pedals, bottom bracket, hubs and headset.

Do not forget about fenders

People think that fenders look dorky, but they are the best solution to avoid mud and water spray on your clothes. The role of the fenders is to keep you and your bike clean when you ride it through water and dirt.

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