Ladies, as we know, Boston is spreading to become one of the top metropolitan places for the young and restless looking for a best night out. Beantown has stepped up its game and fresh bars, restaurants and various nightlife choices have been popping up by the handful over the past couple of years.

Who says Saturday nights is the top night to go out? If you are a Bostonian of the perfect gender being a lady and going out means free entry into clubs, bars, even discounts on getting exotic dancers to come out to your venue, listen up because your city just got a lot more excitement during the week. Here we discuss the best girls out places in Boston.

The Melting pot

As the Boston place only fondue-just restaurant, this location is the ultimate in all things dippable. Tablets are set up with one, 2 or more burners depending on your party size. Pick the Back-Pay place for a la carte fondue, or the Framingham and Bedford restaurants for their girls night out events especially getting Boston strippers male or female to do the fondue on the birthday girl or bachelorette, held on Thursday and Wednesday. The management is very accommodating to dancers coming in and doing shows for guests as it increases the energy in the entire club. They also have party rooms reserved for private parties as well. The unique menu contains petite entrée, cheese fondue salad, a chocolate fondue choice, and a specialty cocktail.

The paint bar

Consider this a brush with importance. At the Paint Bear, you and your friends can learn ideas from an instructor how to paint your own masterpiece. Check out the event calendar to choose a painting that piques your interest, maybe it is Newbury brownstone, café scene or cutesy ducks. Be sure to BYOB, or purchase wine and beer at studio.

28 Degrees

28 degrees is the sexy, dimly lit, South End Lounge to love. They combine up their cocktails according to your desire, providing some amazing spicy choices like their featured hot months cocktail with a stand of Jalapeno-infused tequila. 28 degrees in DJ house obtains the party begun and keeps it going until end. If you party happens to be a Sunday, 28 Degrees will still keep you entertained with a range of unique guests, depending on the week.

The colonnade Hotels Roofdeck pool

Now this is my type of ladies night out – the type where you are so thrill for some much required check time you are ready to begin at noon. To begin the day out night, get the Colonnade Hotels anyone.

Ensure to get there by this coming Labor Day weekend when our balmy hot days are tragically over. Be a lady and rightly say goodbye to summertime basking in the rays with your bikini teeniest, you impossibly warm female crew and a powerful drink in hand.