Google’s Diversity Battle


All reputation management agencies around the globe are waiting for the largest company in the world, Google, to do something stupid so they can intervene and help their reputation. Google has been fighting an uphill battle to improve their diversity and have even hired a new diversity chief to tackle slow pace of change at the company. The reason for this is since they released their annual diversity report; it still looks ‘’pretty much the same’’ as previous years according to WSJ. The tech giant says that the number of women makes up to 31% of Google’s workforce, which is the same year as before. The tech giant has barely moved the needle for black and Hispanic employees yet at least it did move the needle in some areas since now women in tech roles rose up to 20% and women in leadership positions went up to 25%, Hispanic employees increased by 4% and blacks in non-technical roles increased from 4% to 5%.

They have hired a new head of diversity Danielle Brown to kick-start this effort to hire more diversity into Google. Many tech companies around the world have a lot of difficulty when it comes to diversifying the team and this is a challenge for many tech companies including the tech giant Google. The goal for Danielle Brown is to hire more underrepresented groups into the company to have a more diverse workforce, which is something many companies are lacking nowadays. You always hear how companies are looking to hire a diverse workforce but this seems to rarely happen. The company acknowledged that they have a lack of progress when it comes to diversifying the makeup of its workforce and that is when they knew they had to hire a new head of diversity to help them out. They want to continue to be the big tech giant but want to get it right by showing they can be a diverse workforce which is what most tech companies have been missing.

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