When is the biggest debates in the countertop industry currently is whether you should pick granite or quartz for your home.  Grandma has been around and has dominated the countertop industry for many many years. However, the markings changing and courts as quickly starting to take over. You probably have asked yourself granite or quartz?


When visiting with granite suppliers in St Louis MO  we learned that both granite and quartz are very durable products. However, the durability of each of the stones varies slightly. Horses a man-made stone so it is built to be very durable. However, grandma is one of the hardest stones that you can find. Well they are both very durable, there are different aspects that they handle better than one another.

Granite can withstand very high temperatures.  Because it is Natural Stone, and it is very durable and hard, it can withstand a lot of heat. This is a great feature if you’re wanting to use it on the countertop surfaces of your kitchen. Because the stone is so durable, you can place your hot pants directly on the surface without having to worry about them burning or breaking. Quartz on the other hand is very durable and will not scratch or break easily, but because it is a man-made surface and there is resin added to the powders, you have to be careful about the heat that you place on the surface.

While your countertop is not likely to melt, it is likely that you will melt some of the finish work that is on top of the quartz surface. It’s highly suggested that you go ahead and still use your hot pads when you are working with hot pans on your quartz countertop. If being able to place your pants directly on the surface of your countertops, Granite is going to be a better solution for you than quartz.


Appearance seems to be the number one reason that people are choosing quartz over granite. For many years people have love the looks of Marble. Marble is elegant and time list and people want it inside of their homes. The problem with marble is that it is not easy to care for, and is easily damageable. Because quartz is a man-made substance, they can make it to look very similar tomorrow. One of the biggest benefits of adding chords to your home, is being able to make it appear as marble.

Being able to have the stone look like marble, but be much more durable is a big benefit to many homeowners. Granite cannot compete in this category. Because it is a natural stone there’s no way to make it appear as marble.  Quartz wins over in this section when you are looking to gauge the two together.

You will need to take some time and decide what it is that is most important to you when taking a surface for your countertops.  Quartz and Granite both have unique aspects. Take some time to study up on which benefits come with the stone. Both stones are beautiful and are sure to make you happy inside of your home.