Great Choices for the Crypto Trading Now


There’s a lot. The first is Bitcoin BTC, which was created just over 10 years ago and is the most stable and least volatile, which is not to say. It is volatile compared to normal money, which is also volatile, but not as much as these virtual currencies. There was a break up of Biticoin in a variation for Bitcoin Cash BCH that is also as strong as Biticoin.

There are others, the second best known is Etherium ETH, and soon after Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP among thousands of other varieties. You should also know What is cryptocurrency? In this case.

There is much controversy over virtual currencies, and it is causing discomfort in banks and governments because it is neither centralized nor regulated. It’s P2P (peer-to-peer), it’s people who create, generate, and trade currencies.

  • Making room for freedom, and with that freedom, it is used for both evil and good. You see no difference in ordinary money at this point.
  • The cool thing is that, depending on what you want to do, anyone can use anywhere in the world, just have access to the internet.

Virtual Wallet

The basics you need are a virtual wallet, a wallet. You use Coinbase. There are hundreds of others, but this is the one you use, there are people who criticize her, but so far have served me well. Registration is free and you can transfer small amounts, you don’t need to buy an entire currency.

One perception many have is that it is necessary to buy an entire currency to enter this world, but there is no need.

There they accept to put in virtual wallet, biticoin, bitcoin cash (a variation of biticoin), Etherreum and Litecoin. Each has its value. When you place credit there, you can use this wallet to pay places that accept virtual currencies.

Exchanges / Trading

There are people who use to transfer to an exchange, which is where they can trade their currencies, buying and selling currencies in the natural currency fluctuation. Prices vary according to supply and demand.

There are thousands of alternative currencies, some are serious and backed up by banks and large corporations that invest in currencies. Some are fake; you have to research well before investing in order not to lose money. There is a lot of scam. But there’s a lot of good stuff too. Just do the research and see the seriousness of each.

Trade is high risk. Currencies are extremely volatile, you can earn a lot, as you had on occasion to earn $ 300 with $ 50 invested, but how can you completely lose the investment, as you have lost $ 200 in transactions before. It may not sound like much, but it hurts when you lose. But this is the world of trades, and I’ve learned not to connect emotion with money and investment, and you don’t invest more than I’m willing to lose.

So if you are going to do something like this, get ready, study the techniques and how the tools work, but the risk is still high.


There is a wave of virtual currency mining, which is nothing more than lending your hardware so that currencies do the transfers and checks at the time of transfer between them.

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