Great Ocean Road Trip: 5 Tips to Make Your Adventure Memorable for All the Right Reasons


The Great Ocean Road will bring you face to face with some of Australia’s most breathtaking natural wonders. Along with the famous Apostles, you’ll get to enjoy a daily dose of pristine beaches, monster surf, secluded waterfalls, and more. To ensure you enjoy a smooth trip from start to finish, keep the following five tips in mind: 

1. Do your supply run in Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road will take you along beautiful, open stretches of coastline and into an array of small beach towns. While this seclusion and natural beauty is exactly what you’re looking for, it also means you should stock up on necessities before you leave the big city behind. 

If you’re a dedicated coffee-lover, buy specialty coffee beans in Melbourne before you take off. Make sure you also have a supply of toiletries, medications, healthy non-perishable snacks, and other essentials before you go. Otherwise, you may find they are more expensive or not available at all in the little towns you visit. 

2. Allow more time than you think you’ll need

While there are plenty of famous attractions along the Great Ocean Road, there are even more that are only known to locals. The last thing you want to hear yourself saying is “We’ll have to skip the secret waterfall because we just don’t have time.” 

So, plan your trip and then add a generous helping of extra time to each section. This will give you the breathing space to hang out, chat with locals, explore each spot in more depth, and if you’re lucky, visit some of the lesser-known natural wonders. 

3. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip

No matter how reliable your car is in the city, road trips are a different experience. So, take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic before you take off, and let them know your plans. They’ll ensure it’s up for the trip and let you know what to bring along with you and how to care for your car while you’re away. 

Generally speaking, it’s important to have the following with you: 

  • A functional spare tire that’s been recently checked;
  • All the tools needed for changing a tire and other small repairs; 
  • The right kind of oil and coolant for your vehicle; 
  • A first aid kit; 
  • Jumper cables and/or a portable battery charger;
  • Plenty of water for you and the vehicle.

4. Ensure you have roadside assistance and insurance

If you’re an Aussie local, you may wish to go with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance. If you’re visiting from out of state, you could look at domestic travel insurance policies. Overseas visitors should opt for international travel insurance. Insurance is not really negotiable when you’re heading off on a long road trip. If it’s stretching your budget too far, it’s better to wait until you can afford it rather than skimping on it. Make sure your insurance policy includes roadside assistance or that you purchase this service separately. 

5. Drive to the conditions

In Australia, you’ll be driving on the left-hand side of the road, so if you’re coming from the Americas, you may need to get used to this before heading off! Regardless of where in the world you’re coming from, it’s essential to stick to the speed limit and all other road rules. However, you must also use your common sense and drive to the conditions. If the speed limit is 100 km/h but it’s belting down rain, slow down to a safe speed. 

Follow the tips above, and you’ll be in for a relaxing trip filled with natural beauty. 

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