Every business has its challenges and obstacle, so does mobile repair shops. Most of the repair shops receive different types of damaged mobile screens such as glass cracked, complete shattered, dead pixels, water damage, LCD broken, etc. and rely on reputable LCD Buyback Company for getting the best price for broken screens. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, businesses can conveniently recycle LCD online without much effort. As the demand for the broken screen is growing by leap and bound across the globe hence to overcome the boundary limitation, most of the companies offer LCD Recycling online.

Make the right decision

Bulk iPhone LCD Recycling is a great opportunity to earn incredibly good amount consistently hence it is advisable to choose the right company as it is crucial to distinguish between substandard and reliable companies so that you can be assured that you get the right price for your products. Some aspects that could be helpful to make the right decision are

  • Experience and expertise
  • Competitiveness of price and focus on overall expected payout against OEM
  • Fast processing time
  • Detailed testing report
  • The consistent and reliable testing process
  • Easy availability of efficient customer support

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Know the testing process

The price of the product solely depends on the accuracy of the testing process. There are some companies that use testing boxes available online for the procedure, but most of the time, it gives an inaccurate result. Reliable companies have highly skilled technicians who have years of experience and consider every aspect such as bad backlight, dead pixels, a grey area, lines, screen burns, water spots, edge pressure damage and digitizer functions before coming to any conclusion regarding price.

Invest little time

LCD recycling online is a convenient way of selling your products but make sure that the screens reach to the destination perfectly as any damage during shipping can significantly reduce the price of the screens. Hence pack the screens well with the right material and have peace of mind.