HDMI or DVI: what to choose?


Our generation has seen the rapid development of digital cables. These digital video cables are easily available in the market. Out of all the video cables, DVI and HDMI happen to be the most popular ones.

It was only a decade ago when connecting devices to the TV. You had no trouble getting in walking up to the TV and connecting tables. One VCR was the easiest way to connect the cables to the TV. But nowadays, you will need to choose from different varieties of cables to find the best option for you. The popularity of HDMI and DVI has eventually caused a lot of confusion.

What is the difference between digital cables?

HDMI and DVI are some of the popular types of digital cables. Some of the prominent types of digital cables include the following

  • DVI

These are the most common digital video cables and can be easily found on LCD monitors and desktops. The DVI cables are the same as those of VGA and DVI cables. Often DVI ports have 24 ports but some of them may even have lesser ones. However, the DVI digital cables do not support HDCP encryption which is one of the main problems. But if your hardware has only DVI port, it may not support different HD contents. The DVI cable from Primecables is surely one of the best choices to make.

  • HDMI

HDMI is the default cable that is found on different video cards, computers, Blu-ray players and several other video devices. Compared to DVI cables, the HDMI port cables are extremely easy to use. You won’t need to worry about connecting the pins and devices because you can easily do it. The HDMI ports support different video and audio streaming. Unlike DVI cables, HDMI cables support HDCP encryption l. As a result, you will be able to play HD content using the HDMI port. A single HDMI cable can serve different purposes such as playing on the video device or monitor and even more

What to choose?

If you are looking forward to the most efficient and convenient option, then HDMI cables are the best choice to make. Being a default connector, the HDMI cables are compatible with streaming different HD contents. This was about the cable but you might as well make a different choice if you have the device at your place.

Often it is recommended to choose devices that support HDMI functioning. Also, this will help you determine whether the device you are using offers different benefits or not.

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