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Here’s how you can use the wassily chair as an accent piece


What’s the one thing about accent furniture pieces that makes them a total eye-catcher? It’s their uniqueness, of course. And it’s also their ability to hold the eye in an effortless manner. The wassily chair is the perfect accent piece in this regard. It cannot only take your interior designs to a whole new level, but can also be used as a freestanding object throughout the space. Here’s how you can use it in such a capacity:

  1. Derivate with colors

Most people get overly pedantic with how they accent their interior designs, but you can definitely rest assured while using the wassily chair in such a way. Don’t be misled by its typical black and chrome appearance – the upholstery can easily be altered to a color that you want in your spaces. Now, all you have to do is pair it up with a statement art piece – just as shown in this image – and you’ll have a gorgeous primary accent set-up to complement your space.


  1. Embracing the achromatic

The wassily chair, at its core, is an achromatic piece of art and you can always highlight its simplified modern beauty by using it as an accent piece in similar interior design themes. Just look at this image; the back backdrop, grey floor, and white-chrome lamp highlight the beauty and tubular detail of this chair while taking the overall concept to a whole new level.


  1. Creating magic

If you want to go all out with the placement of your wassily chair as an accent piece, then you have to think beyond the typical. There are a number of ways that you can go about this venture and the one featured in this image is truly an excellent one. The use of a galaxy-milky way-starry night illusion in the backdrop softens the formal visuals of this chair and make it seem like a magical place to sit in.


  1. Mismatched with the couches

Another way to use the wassily chair as an accent piece is by pairing it up with sofa sets that are a whole other variety in visual concepts. This way, the chair would have a chance to hold its own while delivering the best look. The set-up featured in this image is the perfect example of how you can go about this particular concept in your own living rooms.


  1. All these curves and edges


The wassily chair has an extremely unique built and stature. It’s not only a culmination of sharp lines and chromed plated tube, but it also has a visual elasticity that always catches the eye. In short, it’s a piece of furniture that has the ability to always be the center of attention. This is why using it as a solitary object can be such an impactful accenting idea. You can even accompany it with a slender floor lamp and a book-oriented backdrop for context.

You can definitely opt for many more accenting ideas using this chair, and we hope that the 5 on this list helped you break the ice with this concept.

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