Here’s Why Roof Inspections Are More Important Than You Know


It is quite normal to take care of a problem only when it occurs, we don’t really prepare in advance or consider regular inspections because as long as something works, it doesn’t need fixing. This is where themajority of problems take root and further grow unchecked. You can stop that by being a bit more responsible and by having a habit of doing regular inspections and maintenance of crucial parts of your home, like the roof for example.

The roof is probably the most important part of your home as it provides that basic and most necessary protection from harsh weather effects throughout the whole year, and some small leaks you choose to ignore will probably lead to some major problems, and neglecting those first signs and symptoms can only get worse over time.

Are Roof Inspections Really That Important?

There are many reasons why theroof is one of the most important parts of your home. Here is one interesting thought.Imagine you are lost in thewilderness and you need to build a shelter to survive. What is the most important source of protection while you are out there?

The answer is the roof.

It protects you from rain or snow, and it also gives you shade and keeps you dry. The importance of roof inspection is measureless. It is designed to be the first line of defense and to take themost punishment. A good roof will last a very long time, but having weather as an adversary guarantees a long and tiring battle, in which the roof will take all the beating.

How Often Should You Have It Checked?

Well, the answer is basically the same for any important piece of property you own. The roof is strong and durable but it wears down over time. Bear in mind that leaks are not considered a standard part of a degradation, that’s rather something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. National Association of Home Builders has estimated that a regular inspection and maintenance should be done every three years or before listing your home for sale.

It is also highly recommended to have a checkup after some heavy thunderstorms especially if they were followed up by strong winds. Hiring a professional home inspector to perform the task will surely rid you of a lot of headaches later on.

Better Safe than Sorry

Another reason why it is important to find damage early is due to insurance companies, to report damage right after the events. It will be much harder to prove that damage was caused by wind if you let some time pass. The usual inspector will look for visible damage and holes, water damage, torn, missing or curling roof shingles, flashing that is loose or completely missing.

This might sound a bit odd but is actually good if you find a problem early on that means that you have enough time to deal with it and prevent further damage and deterioration. Whatever the case, you need to contact a professional to repair or even replace the roof if necessary. If initial inspection did not unveil any problem with the roof, but you still have some suspicion left, you can go a bit further and inspect the chimneys and systems for ventilation. It is best and most efficient to pinpoint all the damage and have it all repaired or replaced at once.

The Takeaway

The roof is the crucial part of any building, whether it’s your home or office. It is the main shield versus all the weather effect of all seasons. In order to have that shield up and running all the time, a regular maintenance and inspection is a necessity. You are actually saving money by hiring professional to do that for you because heavy repairs are much more costly than spotting an early breakage or crack which definitely will not heal in time by itself.

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