We are almost three months through in 2018. Now would be the right time to analyze and talk about a few home décor trends which have been on everyone’s mind till now in 2018. This year has been all about simplicity and minimalism. Be is it fashion or interiors, we have seen the same pattern everywhere. Gone are the days when bling was king, now is the time to understand that less is more and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Millennials all across the globe are beginning to accept this trend and are running away from loud, cluttered homes. One can even observe this trend while shopping for home decor online.  People are appreciative of minimal aesthetics and are going for pastel colours like teal, peach and mint and are even incorporating a lot of neutrals in their homes. This trend has taken the entire globe under its umbrella.

Another extremely wide spread trend which is especially new when it comes to home décor is, florals. Floral prints are making a grand entry in the world of interiors and   we can now see everything from curtains to bed spreads to even wallpapers following this trend. The easiest way to get into the bandwagon of floral home decor is to introduce a floral print curtain to your room. The rest of your home decor items can be subtle or bold according to your preference. One thing that you must remember while picking out this trend is that florals can weigh down your room and hence you must be extremely cautious of the colour palette and maintain a balance.

If you recently looked up home decor on pinterest or tumblr you would be familiar with the colour palette of this season. Warm neutrals have made a come back and with the summers right around the corner we know why.  Colours like taupe, tan and ecru and creating a huge buzz in the colour stories when it comes to interiors. These colours are being seen everywhere from furniture items to kitchen items.  The world is finally ready to say goodbye to the cool neutrals we were fan-girling over for QUITE some time.

Talking of summer, we are seeing quite a lot of trends revolving around the summer feeling. If warm neutral colours are not your thing you can go for bright ice cream colours which will. Home decor experts have been propagating bright happy colours for your walls this season. These colours go beautifully with neutral furniture and will also gel well the summer vibe. Bringing in foliage can also be a great idea for summers as plants  give out cool energies and have uncountable health benefits which are especially useful for summers. Green, is a cool tone shade and will keep your home cool in the summers.

2018 is also the year of statement ceilings and floorings. After the accent walls and textured paints, ceilings and floorings are making a very big statement this year. We have also seen a rise in cruelty free homes which are free from anything made from animal skin or fur. This seems like a very good step towards a cruelty free life.

When it comes to kitchens, we are seeing bright colours and more colours. Gone are the days when whites and browns constituted the colour palette of our kitchen. Shopping sites in India and all over the world proof how vibrant the colour choices have become when it comes to kitchen decor.

All and all 2018 has been a great year for home decor aesthetics. We are loving the radical shift in trends and are ready to swing with it. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you too can have the most trendy home of them all.