How determine that the escort girl doesn’t want to get acquainted


These advices will help men to define when the escort girls aren’t interested in further communication with you. This will help you not look like a weirdo in chase of the girl you happened to like!

1.She looks around

When you are interesting to the woman, she makes all effort to not distract on anything and listen carefully to you. If she looks around, doesn’t listen to you, this means she is not interested and you should forget about acquaintance.

  1. Doesn’t participate in conversation

Even the most reticent woman likes to talk. If you see that her reaction to your words is limited to the words «yes» or «no», she doesn’t ask counter questions and reluctantly answers yours, this means she is not interested. Also pay attention to her sign language. If your interlocutor puts arms cross-wise, stuffs up leg on leg, deviates, she is certainly bored with you. And if she began looking nervous, it means you already annoyed her, and it is better to leave her alone, otherwise it can end bad.

  1. She says she is waiting for someone

It is improbable that she will want to continue acquaintance with you. If the woman has told that she expects someone to come soon, definitely nothing is going to happen and it is better to depart quietly.

  1. She says that she needs to leave 

If the escort girl looks at the watch, glances around as though she waits for someone, generally feels like a cat on a hot tin roof near you, be sure that your acquaintance won’t continue, as the interlocutor will escape under a pretext, that she needs to go somewhere urgently.

  1. She refuses that you order her something 

Women refuse it only if shedoesn’t want to continue communication, in particular, if after your offer do the order themselves. But don’t be upset, at least you will save money.

  1. She mentions other men in a conversation 

It can be shown in various forms. She can say that she had many male friends, can tell that you remind her of her ex or begin to tell about what type of men is pleasant to her (at the same time it will be absolutely opposite to yours).

  1. She says she doesn’t like you

She says that she doesn’t like the following: when the man is shorter, older, has no full-time employment, have a beard, listens to rock music, etc.The comment doesn’t matter but it will concern your certain characteristics. Even if at the same time she will accidentally give you a compliment, then she will try to neutralize it with a negative line.

  1. She continues to emphasize how busy she is

The most classical excuse – she is a very busy person and currently she has no time to get into a relationship with someone, she works late hours, etc.

  1. She says she is not looking for a «friend» 

If the woman says that she is quite satisfied with the current situation in private life or that she hasn’t recovered from the previous love drama yet or something in this spirit, that means she wishes to get rid of your society.

Conclusion: of course, there are exceptions to the rules and above-stated advices can be inapplicable to your specific situation and can have ambiguous value. But it is definitely possible to say one thing: when the woman says to you that she already has a man, this for 100% means you chase should stop and you need to start looking elsewhere.

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